How to do DSWD online registration for cash assistance?

The Department of Social Welfare and Development works with the Philippines government to generate and distribute funds to needy students. Those who wish to study ahead and also want to fend for their families can do so by applying for the scholarship. The money will help them study ahead while they work and forge ahead to make a career for themselves.

Usually, low income groups suffer terribly when it comes to their education and to be able to sustain their abilities, the government works around through the DSWD cash assistance scheme. To find out more about the program, read the article ahead and understand more of what you will need to fulfill the eligibility criteria as well as the requirements.

What is DSWD Cash Assistance for students?

The exceptionally bright students can try to get financial assistance. Those who plan to study ahead can simply put up a form and wait for their reply.

Eligibility includes low-income and exceptional monetary needs at home or within the family. Alongwith it, students need to have a zeal to study ahead and if they are bright enough they can go ahead and fill out the application form.

With the help of the money, students can pay their fees and cover other costs required to take the educational degree.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility for the DSWD online application will involve fulfilling either or any of the following conditions;

  • The students belonging to the poor families
  • Sole earners of their families can apply
  • The student who are primarily working while studying
  • Orphans or abandoned children
  • Students with disability or those victims who faced calamity
  • Children with single parents
  • Those children who belong to overseas Filipino workers or
  • Children from families suffering from HIV or AIDS
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What are the Application Requirements?

You will need the following documents to meet the DSWD cash assistance for students 2023 requirements.

  • Submit either of the two documents- the school registration form or the enrolment certificate.
  • The claimant’s valid ID card could either be a government issued ID card or a school ID.
  • An authorization letter is applicable for those who cannot apply personally.
  • Documentation of every situation that can help them get assistance.
  • College goers need to submit an account statement.

DSWD online registration for cash assistance?

There is no way for DSWD online registration with them as you either submit your application at their offices or as an email. For the DSWS online registration process, you will need to follow the below steps.

  • Either walk-in to one of their DSWD central offices or field offices.
  • Email them at [email protected] for sending them the application.

Wait for their email confirmation and which will consist of a date and place from where you can collect your assistance grant as well as submit the requirements to the DSWD education program.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much is DSWD cash assistance?

The cash assistance amount differs from one level to another.

Elementary school students- P1000

High school students- P2000

Senior High School students- P3000 Vocational or College students- P4000

Who can get DSWD financial assistance?

Anybody who falls under any of the eligibility criteria can get DSWD financial assistance. If anybody fulfills the eligibility criteria, they can write a mail to them detailing out every detail about their income.


DSWD financial assistance is a step ahead for those who wish to build their future and career. Students from low-economic backgrounds often need to go through a lot to get coverage for their study expenses. The DSWD financial assistance is an aid that comes in handy for almost everybody who is bright enough to forge a way ahead for themselves.

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