Dunkin Donuts Job Application: Know Requirements, Salary

Dunkin Donuts is a renowned brand that sells donuts. The company has a chain of restaurants. Moreover, they are spread across 8,000 branches in 41 states. They make donuts, coffee, and other savoury foods. 

What is Dunkin Donuts application?

Apply for Dunkin Donuts Application

You can apply for various positions at Dunkin donuts. Moreover, you can apply online or offline. 

Dunkin Donuts Job Application

You can apply online through the below procedure

  • Visit the Dunkin donuts site. You need to open the careers section. It opens in a new window. 
  • Once you open the career section, you have to click on Apply.
  • A number of open positions will be displayed then and there. 
  • You have to select the language next. 
  • You have to choose the zip code, distance and click on Go. 
  • You get a number of location options. Choose one that suits you. 
  • Then the registration page will appear. 
  • You have to fill in details like First name, last name, gender, email address, last four digits of social security number, and your phone number. 
  • Create the login ID, password, with a Captcha. 
  • Agree to the policies. 
  • Choose your ethnicity and click your birth year. 
  • Then click on Submit. 
  • You can also choose to connect the application to your LinkedIn account. 


  • If you want to apply at Dunkin Donuts, you need to have a high school diploma. 
  • Some experience in retail or food business is an additional advantage. 
  • Moreover, you should be at least 16 years old. 
  • They will provide rest of the training after joining. 
  • You must have a cheerful mood and should be able to satisfy the customers. 
  • Moreover, you need to be active. 
  • You should be able to multitask. 
  • The company basically looks for a person with some common sense. 
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What is Dunkin donuts application process?

  • It depends on the method through which you applied. 
  • After receiving your application, it takes a day or two to start processing your application. 
  • If you are found to be suitable, you will get a call for an interview. If you apply, personally, you can be interviewed then and there. 
  • The company will ask you some direct questions, to ascertain your suitability for the job. You should research the company to stand a good chance. 

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How much does Dunkin Donuts Pay?

Dunkin donuts pay $8.75 per hour. This is for a Senior Baker position. If you are applying for a Carpenter position, you get $20.45 per hour.


Is Dunkin donuts hiring part time?

You can find both part-time and full-time positions at Dunkin Donuts. There are crew roles that are available in shifts. If you have the requisite experience, you can also be a shift supervisor. 

What age do Dunkin donuts hire?

The minimum hiring age is 16.

Can you apply for Dunkin donuts online?

Yes, you can apply online. There are other options to apply through referrals, and in-person as well. 

Can Dunkin donuts hire at 15?

No, the minimum age criteria to work at Dunkin Donuts is 16.

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