DVLA application Driving licence form Online, Requirements

How to apply for a DVLA application driving licence?

Here are certain steps and requirements that one needs to fulfill if they want to apply for a driving license from the driver and vehicle licensing agency under the government of the United Kingdoms. Applying for a driving license all one needs to do first and foremost is to apply for a provisional driving license. All you need to do is visit the official website of the DVLA and then apply for the license. This can only take place if you are eligible for the same.

Follow These steps to apply for a DVLA application driving licence

DVLA application Driving licence Apply Online

STEP1- Visit the official website and click on Start Now Button.

STEP2- Next, you will see the License application requirement details. Read it carefully and if you meet the application requirements then click on the ‘Continue‘ Button.

STEP3- In the next few steps, you will be asked some questions You just need to answer it with Yes or No.

[Note – The third question will be about choosing the photo for your Provisional Driving Licence, Make Sure you Answer it with ‘Yes’ because answering with ‘No’ will cause an error.]

STEP4- After all this, you will be asked to confirm your identity. Click on the Continue button and Enter your UK Passport Details Like Name, S3X, Date of Birth, Postcode, etc. Make sure you enter the correct details.

Follow the further steps like this and submit the application correctly.


Every application has certain requirements and so does the DVLA. Thus the requirements for the DVLA license application are as follows:-

  • The age of applicant has to be at least 15 years and 9 months for being able to apply.
  • The applicant must be able to see and read number plates at least from 200 meters distance very clearly.
  • The applicant must have lived in the United Kingdom for about at least 185 days in the past 12 months.
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This is the process to apply for the provisional license if you have one next steps are for the application of the license:-

  • Must have a United Kingdom passport
  • The national insurance number details
  • The address of the place you lived in for the past 3 years.

How to Track & Check DVLA application status?

If you wish to track your DVLA application status all you need to do is visit the website  “ www.gov.uk/track-your-driving-licence-application  ” and enter your 14 digit reference id number which you have received after you have applied for the same and track the application.

How to cancel application?

If you wish to cancel your application visit this website dvlaapplicationservice.online/refund/ and fill the form to cancel.

Will I get a DVLA application refund after cancellation?

IF you want to get a refund then the cancellation must take place within 24 hours of application. After the 2-hour time limit is crossed there is no refund.

DVLA processing times

The processing time for the DVLA is about 6 weeks after the application is being submitted.


How long does a DVLA application take?

It usually takes about 14 days time.

DVLA awaiting application return form…What does it mean?

This means that they have sent it out and it will be with you any moment.

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