Easy Pay green card Loans online Application Guide

Easy Pay green card loans is one of the premier loans for South Africans and is an old institution in South Africa. If you too have a long list of bills that sit there month after month, try Easy Pay loan facilities and clear your bills. Applying for these loans is possible through online mode and therefore, there is not much running around required for these loan types.

With over 1.3 million loan payments every month, the company is doing well in terms of its loan approval and services. They cover almost 80 municipalities and cater to almost 600 issuers of bills.

Easy Pay green card loan online application

To apply you must head to their website and fill out the form. Though the form is extremely simple, it still requires you to add your identity card details. You can also call them or visit their branches.

Simply ask your operator to find out more about how you must apply for an Easy Pay Green card loan application.

What are the requirements?

Requirements are not many for taking a 90-day loan. If you can return the loan within 90-days, you can get a full rebate on your tax amount.

  1. You simply require a South African ID card.
  2. You will also require a proper cause that you will have to mention in the application. Show evidence for the same
  3. A registered mobile number, a valid email address, and a bank account are what a person needs to apply for loans from Easy Pay.
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How to check Easy Pay Loan Status?

Simply call their call center or log into your account to find out more about your application status.

To login to your account, you must register with their site.

Interest rate

Interest rates are very less and that too eligible for rebate.


The amount that can be approved for you can vary from $500 to $5000. The interest rates are subject to a full rebate if the loan is returned within 90 days.

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The Easy Pay loan is possible to procure on the same day. It is hassle-free and helps people in real-time. You must find out the current interest rate with them before applying for a loan. You can apply every 45 days for a loan if you satisfy their criteria. The loans from Easy Pay can provide a rebate of the interest accrued if the loan is returned at the right time. They help improve credit scores even though they allow you the opportunity to apply for loans with zero or poor credit scores. Read this blog to understand quickly about their process.

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