ECOWAS internship Application Guide (Who is Eligible)

Internship programs are the best ways to handle the jobs that you do later. Those who have done internship programs can perform a job better than the ones who don’t. If you are completing a degree in West Africa and wish to work for their economic community this might be the right time to start it. You will have an upper hand if you do an internship with them.

The Economic Community of West African Studies (ECOWAS) is one of the most prosperous organizations in Western African countries. They are the ones bringing different job opportunities for the young graduates and many other segments of the population. Those who want to get a job with them must understand that the current internship position is not a full-time permanent job opportunity but an option to learn and grow in the economic field.

The ECOWAS has brought forth an internship program. The internship program will be open to all young graduates who are from the ECOWAS member states and are 35 years or less.

ECOWAS internship Application Process

To apply for the Ecowas internship 2023 application, here is what you must understand.

  • Use the link here to start the Ecowas application process.
  • Include your email, first and last name, birth date, nationality, degree, field of study, and organization name, and then put forth the position choice. You can opt for two positions and then add the CV file and the motivation letter.
  • Incorporate your passport ID and also academic certificates into the application.

What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements for the Ecowas internship program will require the following.

  1. Include your curriculum vitae for the Ecowas internship program.
  2. Carry your national ID card or passport details to prove your citizenship in all the Ecowas internship programs.
  3. Include a photocopy of the academic certificates or their equivalent.
  4. The applicant must have a bachelor’s, master’s, or Ph.D. equivalent certificate.
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Who is Eligible?

To fulfill the eligibility conditions of the Ecowas internship program, here is what you must have.

  1. You must be a citizen of the ECOWAS member states.
  2. The internship program must also have a request from the ECOWAS commissioner for human development and social affairs (HDSA).
  3. It must also include the motivation factor for the candidate.
  4. They should also read the terms and conditions of the internship program.


The jobs are capable of benefitting you in many ways but you might want to learn only the most essential ones. There are some benefits that a candidate can get from the Ecowas internship jobs.

  1. The youth can get professional experience by participating in the program.
  2. Young graduates can play a hand in the economic development of their nations as well as their organizations.

Contact Details

Contact details should be done through a contact form that is available on the given site.

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Contact details


Ecowas internship jobs are some of the best opportunities available to people. If these internships are done seriously there is a chance of becoming better in the jobs. Learn more about their jobs from this segment to understand what you can make from them.

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