EI Application – Know Requirements, Eligibility, Status & Process

Have you ever heard about the EI program in Canada? The EI program is here if you reside in Canada or have suddenly lost your job. EI is an Employment insurance program in Canada that helps you to keep the lights on until you get a new job. Read the entire article to learn about the EI program, including the eligibility, requirements, how to apply way, and many more.

What is an EI application?

e.i application

EI application is an Employment Insurance program provided by the Canadian government. This program helps a lot when you lose your current job in Canada.

It is used by people who require time off work to care for someone with any injury or critical illness. The best thing is that the application process for the EI program is easy and simple to do.


If you want to become eligible for EI benefits, you should work the required number of hours in your region. You have to work for a certain duration within the last year. This working hour is around 420-700, but it is also based on the area’s unemployment rate.

What are EI Application Requirements?

There are some documentation requirements that you should fulfill if you want to submit the EI application. You must submit your mother’s maiden name, social insurance, home, and mailing address. Below is the requirement list that would help you to clear your confusion

  •  Banking information

Direct deposits pay the benefits from the Employment Insurance program to the employer. So, you need to submit your transit number, banking details, and account number on the online portal.

  • Employment history

The EI application needs you to submit the employer’s information in the last 52 weeks. It consists of the address and name of the employer, employment date, and reason behind losing the job.

  •  Income history

The EI application requires employers to submit their income history within the application week. 

  • Record of employment

ROI, Return On Investment, is the ratio between the annual income and investment. You should submit the formal ROI document while submitting the EI program application. Usually, the employers submit their ROI to the Canada revenue agency.

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How to Apply for EI Application?

Many employers in Canada want to apply for the EI program to put the lights on until they get a new job. This Canadian government program provides great benefits to unemployed people.

It is determined that the Employment Insurance program uses an online application. It is easy to apply for the EI program online once you understand all the instructions and learn how to apply.

  • You must visit the Canadian government website’s Employment Insurance benefits page to apply online for the EI program.
  •  Suppose you do not have access to the internet or do not have a device to complete your EI application. In that case, you can easily use public access sites, like a kiosk machine, computer centers, etc., near to Canada services office. Many people take an hour to complete the EI application.
  • While applying online, the website takes you in step by a step application process so that you avoid committing any mistakes in between.
  • You get 72 hours to complete your EI application before starting it again.

Once complete, you must provide your email address if the service Canada requires more information about you. Moreover, submitting your direct deposit information to the Canada service office is suggested. So, if your application is approved, you can benefit directly from it.

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How to check the Employment Insurance program status?

Once you apply for the EI application and leave your application to start its procedures at the official website, you can easily check your application status. To view the information on your processing application for the Employment Insurance program, here is what you need to do:

Tap on view my application status and message to view the details on your application and messages you get related to your EI application.


What is the EI rate for 2023?

In 2023, the EI rate is $1.63 per $100. The increase in this rate means that insured workers will pay the maximum EI premium in 2023 at $1,002.45.

What is the waiting period for EI in Canada?

There is a waiting period of 1 week for EI in Canada. It means you can not get the benefit in the first week. It is non paid week for employers.


Once you submit the application for the EI program, it takes only a few weeks to start getting benefits and claims from it.

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