Elks Scholarship Application Guide – Are you Eligible?

Scholarships come in various sizes, shapes, and forms for those who need them. If you do not have the financial means to continue your education but have the desire to do so, why not look for a scholarship? A scholarship is all that it takes to move ahead. One such scholarship is the “elks scholarship”. They offer Elks MVS (Most Valuable student) Scholarship, Legacy awards & Emergency Education Scholarship. You can check more about them below.

There are thousands of Elks members in the United States, and their benevolence serves young and bright minds through this particular scholarship program. It is a non-repayable financial assistance. The scholarship has been passed down for nearly 150 years.

Elks members also have a variety of other options for families, which include

  • Elks Lodge facilities,
  • The Veteran Service Commission,
  • Hoop shots,
  • Drug Awareness Education Program, and also includes
  • Other community investment programs

What is Elks scholarship 2023?

Scholarships are awarded to specific types of students, and each of these students falls into one of two categories. They offer a total of 500 different scholarships over a four-year span and each scholarship ranges from $1000 to $12500 every year.

Every applicant will be assessed on a few grounds: scholarship, leadership, and financial need. You will need to fill out an application form to start moving ahead with the Elks selection process. The Elks scholarship includes different kinds of expenses like living expenses, books, tuition fees, and other required fees.

You can apply for four kinds of Elks scholarships under these four headings:

1Elk scholarship for the most valuable studentSchool seniors can apply
2Elks Legacy Awards ScholarshipChildren and grandchildren of Elks members
3Emergency Educational grantschildren of disabled or deceased Elks members
4Scholarships for Elks Gunther Lee Weigel Medical SchoolElks Scholars entering the first year of medical school

How to apply for Elks scholarship?

To apply online, you must follow a few steps mentioned here.

  • Applications are currently closed for the Elks MVS, Legacy Awards, and Emergency Educational scholarships but are open for Weigel Medical School which will be due on May 22, 2023.
  • To get benefit from it you can Request an application from the ENF Scholarship office. To do this you can email them at [email protected] or can also call them at (773) 755-4732. Rest they will guide you.
  • For more information, you can visit their webpage.

Who is eligible?

You are eligible if you follow the below criteria;

  • Only if you are a US citizen should you apply for the Elks scholarship.
  • Those who are high school graduates cannot apply, but the ones currently in high school can.
  • The institution award type is open to a four-year college student.
  • Those who wish to use the fund for a study-abroad program might need to do it with a US granting institution.
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What documents are required?

Documents for applying for an Elks scholarship include;

  • You need to submit a complete financial analysis report to them about your family’s income.
  • An essay is a must to submit.
  • Community service requirements are a necessity.
  • You must submit information about other grants and scholarships if you have any.
  • SAT & ACT scores must be submitted
  • Add your FAFSA information

How do you win the Elks scholarship?

You can get an evaluation for an Elks scholarship if you are wonderful in a few parameters like leadership, academic achievements, financial necessities, community involvement, and the content you put forth in the essay.

  1. Leadership will include hobbies, causes or passions, and extracurricular activities.
  2. Different academic achievements will include your high GPA scores, your academic acumen, and factors like internship and job shadowing that align with your academic interests.
  3. Financial requirements will include your FAFSA submission, and other financial essentials.
  4. Volunteering, attending various community events, finding a local cause, and starting new initiatives for advancements are all examples of community involvement
  5. Use your voice and story to create the right pitch and a strong essay is all it takes to win someone’s vote for the scholarship.

Once they get a chance to assess you on all these parameters, you will get an email from them informing you of the same.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the Elks scholarship legit?

The Elks community is everywhere in the United States and comes together in support of the scholarship If you are an Elks scholar, you are already a candidate for the scholarship. There are many students who apply for it each year, so legitimacy is not an issue with this type of scholarship that has been going around since.

When is the Elks scholarship due?

This year’s Elks scholarship closes on 6th February 2023 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time. If you wish to receive this scholarship, submit your application by the given deadline.

How much is the Elks scholarship?

Typically, you will have to wait for the Elks scholarship results after submitting your application. If you are in the first twenty, you can participate in a leadership weekend with them. In it, top judges would interview you, and the first two position holders would get $50,000, two-second placeholders would get $40,000, and the third place holder would get $30,000. The remaining fourteen finalists will each receive $20,000 in prize money. The remaining 480 runners-up will each receive a $4000 annual scholarship.


Elks is one of the most prestigious scholarship bodies in the country, offering scholarships not just to Elks members and their kin, but also to others who need it the most. Find out the application details and other essential information before you start the application process.

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