Excelsior Scholarship Application [2024-Updated]

The students of New York can go for the Excelsior Scholarship Program if they want to go for the tuition rewards. It furnishes SUNY and CUNY colleges and if students want to attend a SUNY college, they can do so with the help of funds other than the Excelsior Scholarship Program. SUNY program includes a $7,070 amount and CUNY is $6,930.

What is Excelsior Scholarship Application?

The Excelsior Scholarship application goes for the tuition fees only. It will not cover the other costs of the colleges. If you were already awarded the scholarship in the previous academic year, you do not need any additional action in the following years.

If you are in the Economic Opportunity Program (EOP), the Excelsior Scholarship program allows an individual five years to complete the degree program.

Even if you are a disabled citizen, you can enroll with the Old Westbury office of services if you want to be part of the Excelsior Scholarship application.

Excelsior Scholarship Application

Step 1- To apply for the Excelsior Scholarship Application, visit the Higher Education Services Corporation website to start the application process.

Step 2- Agree to the personal privacy notice to start with the Excelsior Scholarship Application.

Excelsior scholarship application

Step 3- Add the general eligibility information below to start with the application process.

Excelsior scholarship

Step 4- Include your school’s information, the applicant’s information; add consent before submitting the information.

Excelsior scholarship apply
Excelsior ineligibility

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What are the Application Requirements?

The application requirements include the following;

  • One must have at least 12 credits per term or have completed at least 30 credits every year. Before 2022-2023, you must have earned 30 credits a year.
  • If you have taken a student loan before this phase, you must not be a defaulter.
  • You should comply with their terms and conditions as put forth by NYS.
  • During the contract agreement, you should reside in NYS and if you are employed during these times, you must be employed in NYS.
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Who is eligible?

To be eligible, here is what you must do;

  1. You are a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen.
  2. To apply, you must have stayed in the NYS for at least 12 continuous months.
  3. The family must have a gross income of $125, 000 or less to be eligible to apply.
  4. Graduate from high school in the US, a high school diploma, or passed a federally approved ‘ability to benefit.’

Scholarship Benefits The scholarship helps cover only the college fees for you. It will not cover any other expenses.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When will Excelsior scholarship be available?

The Excelsior Scholarship is available from 24th May to 31st August for the sessions 2022 to 2023.

Does Excelsior scholarship cover room and board?

No, it does not cover room charges and board details.

Do you have to Pay back the Excelsior scholarship?

Ideally, this is a scholarship; however, if one does not fulfill the residency requirement, you will need to pay back the scholarship amount. The job and residency period will be equivalent to the number of years you have used the scholarship program. The scholarship will not convert to a loan if a student does not qualify for the loan in the next session. You will not incur interest for the loan even if it turns into a loan.

Excelsior scholarship How does it work?

After getting selected for the program, you will get your tuition fees and to cover other expenses, you must arrange your own money. But to keep up with the scholarship, you must earn a suitable credit score to keep up your degree.

Even after graduation, you will have an obligation towards the New York State for the number of years you took the scholarship. If you do not meet the residency, you might have to pay back the scholarship amount as a loan but you will not have to pay any interest to them.


Here’s what the Excelsior scholarship is and if you are applying for it the wisest approach will be to read everything about it before moving ahead with it. Try to go ahead with the option but before attempting it, read everything about it here.

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