Facebook Biometric Lawsuit Claim Settlement

Facebook was recently caught up in Illinois for storing biometric data of Facebook users. Litigation was filed against this activity in Illinois whereby Facebook was charged with the storing of sensitive personal information. It was stored in the form of tag suggestions feature inclusive of other features involved with the facial recognition technology.

Facebook denies violating Illinois’s Biometric Information Privacy Act. However, anyone in Illinois who has uploaded their pictures post-June 7th, 2011 can claim a part of the settlement fund.

Settlement payments are being given to class members as of 9th May 2022 and almost within two weeks from the start date, the checks will be sent to respective people via mail or through electronic payments. If you are due for payment and have not still received it, Facebook might ask you to wait up to mid-June before registering an inquiry with them.

How to apply for Facebook settlement?

Visit the Facebook site for filing a claim that unfortunately cannot be done now but was to be submitted only by 23rd November 2020.

An online claim form will ask you to submit the details of your whereabouts, personal information, and also details about the claim.

Certain documents also had to be appended with the claim form. The documents including the settlement orders and legal notices were to be added to it.

How to claim Facebook settlement?

To claim an amount as part of the Facebook settlement, one must have filled out the claim form and submitted all details about the claim.

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Once the final court hearing happens, the claim money will be sent to each one of the claimants by the due date.

Who is Eligible?

The eligibility criteria are not much and there is just one clause, people have to fulfill. To claim an amount, you must have been in Illinois for the last six months (183 days).

Facebook biometric lawsuit claim form

Under the claim, settlement amounts are being sent out to 1.4 million residents of Illinois. A total amount of $650 million class-action biometric privacy settlement amount will be given to people.

The claim form is no longer active but it was active until 23rd November 2020.

Facebook biometric lawsuit when will settlements be paid?

Settlements are being sent electronically or through the mail from 9th May 2022.

Where is my Facebook settlement check?

If you have still not received your claim amount, you need to wait until mid-June given you have submitted your claim form.


The privacy litigation number is 3.15-CV-03747-JD (N.D. CAL) went in favor of the people and post the court’s orders, an amount of $200-$400 is being sent out to individuals as part of the project. If you were part of the group that went online saving their photographs on Facebook anywhere around June 2011, you could file the claim form. Those who have filed the claim form will be given $200-$400 as compensation for the violation of the biometric law prevalent in Illinois. Read this article for more information.

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