Famous AMOS Grant Application – What is It & How to get it?

There are only a handful of help coming out for black-run businesses and Famous

AMOS is one of them. Wally Amos’s Famous AMOS and National Black Chamber of Commerce are here to support Black small business owners.

What is a Famous AMOS Grant?

The Famous AMOS Grant goes to the winners of a Pitch contest that includes creating a videotaped elevator pitch and a written statement about the nature of the business run by them and how it helps others. They also need to incorporate the way they plan to make a successful enterprise and how they wish to utilize the funds to better their business.

The grant will be given to three business owners and each will receive $50, 000 as unrestricted capital. The total amount to be given out in the process was totaling up to $1, 50,000.

In addition to their resources, Famous AMOS also offers mentorship, coaching, and networking provisions with their community partner, the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

How to Apply for Famous AMOS Grant Application?

Press the Apply Now tab to start the Famous AMOS grant application process.

AMOS grant

Click on the Application Below tab, to scroll down.

  • The first question to answer is your first name.
AMOS grant application
  • Enter your last name on the next screen.
AMOS grant last name
  • Answer the name of the US state you live in.
US state
  • Add a short bio about yourself in the next segment.
grant bio
  • Add the email address in the next segment.
grant email
  • Include your business information in the next segment.
business information
  • Add the registered name of your business.
business information
  • Include your business Tax ID in the next section.
  • Enter the registered address of your business.
business address
  • Add your business founder’s name.
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Business Founder name
  • Incorporate your business establishment date.
establishment date
  • Include your revenue stage at the start of your business.
AMOS revenue
  • Upload your logo in the next segment.
AMOS logo
  • Next, add a valid email address to your business.
AMOS valid email
  • Next, you must add your pitch which must be a summary of your business.
AMOS summary
  • Add a pitch video next and upload a video link.
Amos pitch
mos video
  • Accept the terms and conditions formed by Famous AMOS.
AMOS terms
  • Next, fill in a few more information and then submit the form for review.

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What are the application requirements?

Application requirements for the Famous AMOS grant include the following parameters.

  1. Only those businesses can file it that are 90% Black-owned.
  2. Operations that are in business for five or fewer years will get more priority.
  3. The business must be in the United States excluding even the US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and other commonwealth territories and possessions.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for the Famous AMOS grant application you need to confirm the following parameters.

  • Business owners need to be US citizens or permanent residents.
  • You must have an SSN (social security number) and all business-related details to show up.
  • Every business must not be currently running at a loss.

Also read: Famous AMOS Grant Application – What is It & How to get it?

Grant Benefits

Apart from the grant amount, the initiative can build up the morale of the people. Black lives are trying hard to survive and to bring themselves up; this grant will serve a purpose.


The Famous AMOS grant application is the best chance for three Black businesses to take their business to a new level. The grant aims to uplift the businesses put together by Black people and to support them in times of great need.

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