FBI Honors Internship Application Online Guide

The FBI is where the world wants to be and people interested in criminology and other various crime-related fields including ballistics find the FBI as their next destination. It is one of the most highly rewarding careers and deals with the safety and security of different individuals.

They offer young promising people a lot of different programs that can benefit them while they are on jobs with the FBI. These programs train and align individuals interested in joining the FBI with the right amount of knowledge they will need to handle such essentially strategic positions.
What is FBI Honors Internship Program?

The FBI Honors intern program is a 10-week schedule whereby students who join it will get paid. It’s a summer internship that will allow you to grow beside your FBI colleagues and employees. These interns are either positioned in different FBI headquarters or in 56 field offices that are situated in different states across the country.

The agents can work in different areas starting from accounting, foreign languages, criminal justice, journalism, STEM programs, and information technology based on their academic program background.

Who is Eligible for an Internship?

Eligibility for FBI Honors Internship depends on the following conditions being fulfilled.

  1. Every applicant who wishes to join the FBI must be a US citizen.
  2. They must have graduated from a college with a GPA score of 3.0.
  3. The applicants need to pass all the FBI background investigation provisions.
  4. You must not have any sort of criminal record around you.
  5. Every FBI officer must strictly and willingly adhere to the FBI Drug policy.
  6. They need to complete the hiring process which might take more than a year to complete.

FBI Honors Internship Application Online Process

Start their application by clicking on the job board where the jobs are advertised.

  • Move to the job board and then click on the job that you like most for your intern position.
  • Read thoroughly all the sections mentioned in the advertisement.
  • Click on the Start tab to begin the application process.
  • The FBI honors job site will ask you for your login details. If you don’t have an account already, you must create one for yourself.
  • Enter your personal details, resume, educational background, criminal records if any, and professional details.
  • Add the purpose of joining the FBI.
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What are the Application Requirements?

The application requirements are many and differ from one job to another. But, in general, there are several application requirements and each of these requirements has further sub-level requirements.

  1. Core competency
  2. Collaboration within teams
  3. Proper communication
  4. Adaptive personalities and ample flexibility
  5. Abilities that involve interpersonal skills.
  6. Appropriate initiatives at every level
  7. Leadership qualities
  8. Problem-solving ability and appropriate judgment-making skills
  9. Organization and planning skills and capacities
  10. Your resume should be up to the mark and must provide in your special agent application.
  11. SF-50 is the personal information form where you have to write more about your personal information.
  12. DD-214, Member 4 copy service and service 2 copy or service statements are most essential.
  13. SF-15 Form is also essential to add.

FBI Honors Internship Benefits

Internship benefits include the following;

  1. Paid vacations
  2. Sick leaves
  3. Life insurance
  4. Holiday packages
  5. Health Benefits
  6. An option to participate in the Federal employee retirement system

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the FBI honors internship paid?

Yes, those who join the FBI as interns get paid for the task they perform. FBI interns are also eligible for various benefits that are usually meant for high-end officers.

How to get into the FBI honors internship?

You must fill in their application, and sit for their tests and interviews to qualify for the FBI honors internship program. It is not easy to get in and it will take a lot of determination to get through.

How hard is it to get an FBI internship?

Not a cakewalk, the program demands diligence, intelligence, efficiency and agility. All these are essential apart from many other essential tasks to get into the FBI internship program.


The FBI Honors internship application 2022 is one of the programs that work a great deal for those who are FBI enthusiasts. If you are planning to fill in their honors application program, you might want to learn more about them from different sources. Here is one that you can refer to for more information that comes in handy when filling up the form. The more you read, the better you learn about it.

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