Federal Post Card Application Online Process Guide

The Federal voting assistance program (FVAP) allows individual US and overseas citizens to vote from wherever they are. It allows you to ask for voter registration within your state for those residential candidates who are of legal age and can vote.

The FPCA wants individuals to update their voter details every January and every time they move their location. Blank ballots are sent out to each individual 45 days before the date of the election. You can also get your FPCA if you have an account with FVAP.gov.

What is a Federal postcard application?

The Federal postcard application (FPCA) is the primary communication means between the eligible candidates and their elected officials. With the local information you provide, the center can determine your registration requirements of yours within your state.

They will also determine the election materials you need to receive and also as to how, where, and when to send you those details.

You can get your FPCA online from FVAP.gov or as a hard copy.

Online forms are available as PDFs that you need to download, print, and sign.

Hardcopies are possible to obtain from a military installation and also from global US consulates and embassies.

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Steps to apply for Federal postcard application

To apply for the Federal postcard application, you will have to follow the below process.

  • You need to fill in who you are in the first segment where you need to mention your details.
  • You need to specify if you are on active duty in the military.
  • Mention if you are a US citizen who is overseas temporarily or permanently.
  • State if you are a US citizen who never lived in the US.
  • Regular voters can leave this segment blank.
  • Add your first and last name for the FPCA application.
  • Include your date of birth and sex (optional information)
  • Present your driver’s license number or ID number (Social security number).
  • Mention your voting residential address and also your current national address.
  • Add your mailing address and contact information for future elections.
  • US passport, Driver’s License or State ID, military ID card, veteran’s photo ID card, or any other government-issued photo ID card need to be mentioned.
  • Include your proof of residential address and photo ID details.
  • Sign and date the application form before putting it through mail to them.
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What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements for the Federal postcard include the following points;

  1. Specify if you live in the United States and are a resident of it.
  2. Mention your current position in the United States.
  3. Enter the address where you last resided in the US if you are no longer in the United States.
  4. If you are outside the US, mention your current residential address, and if within the US or its allied territories, include your address from that particular location.
  5. Include your mailing address (valid email ID).
  6. A photo identity card and residential address proof are a must for this form.
  7. Return the ballot request form in the following manner: https://www.fvap.gov/uploads/FVAP/Forms/fpca_envelope.pdf

You can return it for free if within the United States and for military bases you can send it back to the base or in general to the embassy or consulate.

Apart from the registration form, you will also have to fill in an absentee application form.

Who is Eligible for Federal Postcard?

Eligibility for the Federal postcard is not much except for these points which an individual might need to meet.

  1. You must be an electoral vote of the United States.
  2. Everyone who wants their FPCA mailed must either be on active duty with some agency or organization that either requires people to stay out of the country or within recruited facilities.
  3. Military and mariners are quite a few of them who can apply.
  4. If anyone outside the country is unsure of their return date they too can apply.

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FAQ (frequently asked questions)

Do postal workers get federal benefits?

Yes, the postal workers do get federal benefits but only those who stay out for training or other purposes can request an FPCA.

Which is the primary purpose and value of the Federal post card Application?

The prime purpose of the FPCA (Federal postcard application) is to make the right to elect US leaders available to every US citizen whether they are within or outside the states.

Those who wish to be a part of the elections despite not being in a position to come down to a voting center can at least add value to the elections and execute their voting rights completely.


The Federal postcard application (FPCA) is a provision that benefits many people by helping them to execute their rights. Those who benefit from this service are primarily the ones who stay out of the reach of ballot booths arranged during elections within the United States.

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