FedEx Small Business Grant 2024 – How to get it [Quick-Guide]

Every year thousands of people are trying to make something meaningful out of their lives and most of them who dream run short of funds. Those who do not have funds need to find a resource for themselves. Grants are awarded by many organizations every year and for making way for such grants, applicants will need to fill in the application form for the particular grants. FedEx is thereby providing opportunities to several small-scale businesses making them more self-reliant and competent in their work.

What is FedEx small business grant?

The FedEx Small business grant is sponsored by FedEx corporate services. Every small business that fulfills the eligibility criteria can apply for the program. Grants come in several forms whereby the grant can play different roles for different people.

Supporting businesses to explore newer opportunities, recovery from disaster, promotion of marketing and sales, new product research and development, training workshop arrangement, mentoring, and technical assistance providence are some of the major goals to meet with this funding.

FedEx Small business grant Application Process

Interested candidates must be able to apply for entering the FedEx small business grant.

  • Enter your details online on the site (
  • Submit information about the business by writing about it in less than 1000 characters.
  • Write in less than 1000 characters how you will spend the money that you will receive as part of the grant.
  • Add the following information to the application form;
  • Name and address of your business
  • City, state, zip, contact number, and email address of your business.
  • Business website details, social media sites, and high-resolution digital images (jpg or png file formats) for your business.
  • Number of employees in the business
  • Average sales revenue, general business, and industry type.
  • Average shipping and printing needs of the business

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What are application requirements?

Application requirements for being in the FedEx small business grant include the following;

  1. The business needs to have a shipping and printing requirement.
  2. There should not be more than 99 employees in the company.
  3. No one related to any business should have ever been a part of the FedEx Company in any way.
  4. The business applying for the grant must not be in any way a direct competitor of FedEx.
  5. No business in consideration should ever be under bankruptcy safeguarding schemes or with any judicial form or lien attachments of any particular sort.
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Who is Eligible for FedEx Grants?

A small business is a small business depending on the following parameters;

  • The applicant must be a legal resident of any of the fifty US states.
  • To be eligible, an entrant must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Only an authorized agent of the registered business can apply.
  • The business must be a for-profit one and should already be selling products through different means.
  • It must be a legal business with all essential licenses and registration details.


Benefits of the FedEx small business ownership grant include the following;

  1. Grand prize winners will be eligible for a $50,000 grant in the check form and $4000 in the form of print and services from their office.
  2. Seven first place winners will get a US $20,000 check and $1500 in the print and service form.
  3. Another $10,000 check and $500 in additional print format will be available to the following categories.
  • Young entrepreneur owner
  • Businesses owned by veterans
  • Those in the healthcare industry
  • Sustainability focused business
  • Businesses owned by minorities

4. One of the winners will get a place on the entrepreneur advisory board for the small business owner’s award.

5. You can get the audit details from one website.

6. Those who have Klavio subscriptions will get a discount from them.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much is the FedEx Small Business Grant?

A total of 10 winners are announced out of which three are grand prize winners and 7 ordinary awards come up.

The grand prize comes in $50, 000 as checks and $4000 for print and business services.

The seven other prize winners can have a $20000 grant check and $1500 for print and business services.

What is the application deadline for FedEx Grant?

The application deadline is announced each year with the grant and the end date of the application this year was 28th February 2022.

How long does the FedEx grant application Process take?

The whole process for the grant application takes 2-3 months to complete. Soon after the final decisions are made by May, they are announced thereafter.


Several different types of grants are available worldwide but in the US, any small business owner can attempt to get the FedEx grant. Filling in the application form is essential and thereby knowing the entire process is more essential. The amount offered to each small business is a lot of money and one can achieve a lot of goals with that much amount.

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