Guide for Unemployment in Arizona Application – Know Eligibility

Apply for Covid unemployment AZ is possible through various means, and the program is run by different States, instead of the Federal government directly. Every state is running these programs at its behest. Even Arizona is doing it, and people from the state of Arizona can file for unemployment and obtain the Unemployment Insurance benefits anywhere between midnight Sunday through 6:00 pm Friday online.

How to apply for unemployment in Arizona?

To apply for unemployment due to coronavirus in AZ is possible via three different means.

  1. You can apply online for the unemployment program in Arizona through their online site,
  2. Residents could even call them at 1 (877) 600-2722 for filling up the application form.
  3. Submitting hard copies of application forms is also possible at the document center.
  4. You could also apply via mail.

Online applications are easier and can be done from home, thus this form is being attempted by many.

  1. Visit the link here to start the application process.
unemployment benefits in Arizona
  • Once you visit the site, you can start a new application. Enter all the details as required in here.
  • Add your mail ID, social security number, state issued government ID details, and also your employment history in the respective segments.
  • Add any other relevant details and once you have reviewed the application, click on the Submit tab to complete the application process.

How to apply for unemployment in Arizona for self-employed?

Even the self-employed can get unemployment benefits under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program. It is operated for individuals who are either not supported by any of the benefits or have already exhausted the money they received as benefits.

To fill online weekly claims the first dedicated date was 18th September 2021.


To register for unemployment in Arizona, one can try receiving unemployment benefits can be received only when you are found to be eligible for them.

  1. Eligibility requirements to file for unemployment in AZ include meeting minimum wage requirements that is 390 times for the quarter when they earned their highest but the individual must at least earn half of it in the other three quarters.
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For example, if you earned $2500 in one quarter, in the other three quarters, you should have at least made $1250.

  • The individual must have worked in Arizona for the past 12 months before being unemployed.
  • The applicant must be seeking a job actively in the weeks they are taking benefits.
  • The person is currently unemployed.


The benefits can help individuals meet certain basic requirements to enable people in continuing their job search even during this unemployment timespan.


How much do you get for unemployment in Arizona?

Currently, the maximum benefits earned weekly by an individual in Arizona is $240. The weekly unemployment benefit amount (WBA) is 4% of the total amount received by the individual in the quarter when they have earned their highest.

What information or documents do I need to apply for unemployment benefits in Arizona?

Documents required for filing unemployment benefits in Arizona includes,

  1. The social security number of the individual applying for the benefit.
  2. A government-approved ID card.
  3. Proofs of your employment and wage receipts.
  4. Special requirements for people in the military, alien registration, and so on.
  5. If the pension is being collected then proof of when the first pension amount was paid to you.

How long does it take to get unemployment in AZ?

The benefits start within 15 business days from the date of approval.

What is Arizona Unemployment Insurance?

Employment benefits are given to people who have lost their employment opportunities during a specific period. A minimum amount is given to the person to ensure the person can continue hunting for jobs during this period.

Who is eligible for Arizona Unemployment Insurance?

A person who resides in any of the Arizonian counties and has worked for almost 12 months in any of the Arizona counties is capable of getting unemployment insurance in Arizona.


Here’s a bit about Arizona unemployment benefits and how you can file for unemployment in Arizona. Are you filing an application right now? Quickly read this article to know more about it.

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