How to Login to Firestone Credit card Account & Pay Bill?

If you are fond of the Firestone credit card services, you can also create an online account with them. The online account will help in providing you with easier account management options, and faster checking of account information, and payment information. You must also have better skills and facilities in hand whenever you have issues to resolve.

To benefit from faster service, you need to press the login option to complete the login process. Alternately, if you already don’t have an account with them, you can register a new account with them.

Before we move ahead with all the essential information, here you will find a few essential fees; you might need to know before you move ahead with the credit card.

Late Payment FeeIs up to $40
Returned Payment Fee$40
Grace Period23 days
Cardholder Fee5% saving on their first purchase

How to login to Firestone Credit card Account?

Logging into the Firestone credit card account requires adding your username and password in the right spaces.

But for safety, they ask you to enter your username, and only when you have entered the correct username will you be taken to the next page where you must enter your password.

Firestone login details

But if you do not have an account, you must create one. This process is essential for people who log in to their accounts for the first time.

In the first step, add your account number, and social security number, choose your password and add your email address.

After adding all the information, click on the Continue tab to move ahead.

Firestone registration

Next, fill up steps 2 and 3 where you must add your financial details and also your address and other credit card-related information.

Once done, click on the Submit application tab. Confirm your registration from your mail and start using your online account.

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How to Pay Firestone Credit card Bills?

Payment of your Firestone credit card bill is possible through your online account or via mail and phone.

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To make your online payment, you must move through the steps explained ahead.

  1. To start paying your credit card bill, you must add your social security number and credit card number when registering an online account.
  2. The next step is to make a username and password for your account.
  3. Move to your Payment section and click on the Pay your bill segment.
  4. Once you have added all the information about your bill and credit card details, you can click on the submit tab to complete the payment process.

How to Pay Via Payment Phone Number?

You can pay via the payment phone number by calling 1-855-303-2420 anytime during the day. To make a payment, you must either pay via VISA or MasterCard and will need to enter your Web ID to access the payment-related information.

How to Pay via Mail?

To pay via mail, you must use the following address that is Credit First NA, P.O. Box 81344
Cleveland, OH 44188-0344. You can pay via money order or a check and send it to the address before the payment due date.

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How to Cancel Firestone Credit card?

To close the Firestone credit card account, you must call 800-321-3950 and tell them about your cancellation plan for the credit card.

Customer Service Number

You can call the customer service number at 800.321. 3950 or email at [email protected].

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you pay Firestone credit card at store?

The Firestone credit card does not allow you to make payments at their stores and the most acceptable payment options are email, phone, and online.

Who finances Firestone credit card?

The Firestone credit card is financed by Credit First National Association (CFNA).

Does Firestone accept Goodyear credit card?

You cannot use the Goodyear credit anywhere in a tire shop outlet.

Where can you use your Firestone credit card?

You can use your Firestone credit card in their stores alone and nowhere else as it is a closed-loop card.


The Firestone credit card is one of those credit cards that can help you do well with your tires and car servicing. If you are looking forward to having this credit card, you can go ahead after reading more about it from here.

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