Frontline Workers Stimulus Application Guide – Are you Eligible?

Stimulus checks are what saves people in times of stress and duress. If you have been a frontline worker, you can go on to apply for these stimulus payments. It’s been two years since the United States citizens have worked hard to keep others alive. Sometimes, they have also paid from their pockets for their safety gear to be available on the frontline.

Frontline workers just do not mean healthcare workers alone, but also your

  • grocery clerk,
  • agricultural workers,
  • grocery store delivery servicemen,
  • school meal workers,
  • vet staff and pet suppliers and store dealers,
  • medical laboratory assistants and scientists
  • Police and pharmacists are some of the others who are also termed frontline workers according to the States description of frontline workers.

You can go for the stimulus payments by applying for them. They are current and fresh sanctions that most States have agreed to pay their frontline workers.

Steps for Frontline Workers’ Stimulus Application

Applications need to be sent to the respective departments like those in LA wards and counties can route their applications to

  • You will add your information details.
  • Include all the work hours you have put towards your job
  • Incorporate your job levels and other different sort of information.
  • Also, add your regular payout amounts and your address in the given application segments.
  • Once you have added all the details submit the online application form to complete it.

You can also send them a paper copy of your application form like for this one, you can send it to Form 6186, Frontline Workers COVID-19 Hazard Pay Rebate.

What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements for the frontline workers stimulus application include;

  • The number of work hours needs to be 200 hours or more from 20th March 2020 to 14th May 2020.
  • You must have filed a tax return in 2020 to qualify for the workers stimulus application.
  • Your income compensation is $12750 in 2020 from your employment.
  • As an individual, you must be a resident of the same state in 2020 where you are applying for the benefit.
  • The household income is 300% below the average poverty level.
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Who is Eligible Frontline Workers Stimulus?

Eligibility of the Workers Stimulus in 2022 includes a few essential factors whereby they will not be eligible if;

  • If you have ever received unemployment compensation in 2020 of any kind.
  • Under Commonwealth Executive Branch, if you have been compensated for your duties as a one-time COVID payment.
  • Those who have received unemployment compensation in 2020.


The monetary benefit is the best stimulus benefit and the amount of $1200+ can be used for compensation at different levels.

Frontline Workers Stimulus Minnesota

Tom Walz reveals that the Senate was able to reach a conclusive agreement whereby 667,000 Minnesota frontline workers will receive bonuses. The eligible individuals will receive a bonus of $750 and to meet the needs a sanction of $500 million is going to be used.

There are a total of 15 employee categories that were identified and these groups will be eligible to pay $1500. Some of these categories are;

  • Childcare providers
  • School employees
  • Healthcare workers
  • Retail chain workers
  • Grocery clerks and delivery agents
  • Food delivery agents

Eligibility requirements for these frontline workers comply with the eligibility requirements of other states within the United States.


In terms of payments, a bonus is something no one would deny having at this stage. Especially, if it covers essential bills for which the frontline workers have invested from their pocket. If you are one of those people who worked in any of the frontline service units within your state, do look into your state’s online website to find out more about the application.

Minnesota plans to pay the bonus in several rounds and the first round is already moving closer. If you have missed making an application, do not hesitate to make it now to claim your first round of bonuses.

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