GE Regan Scholarship Application Online Process

Scholarships are the backbone of every struggling student and most often many hands come forward to help. There are several different kinds of scholarship that operate across the United States helping students attend college and even universities.

There is one such scholarship that benefits students immensely. Named after the 40th president of America, the GE Reagan scholarship has so far sent 195 students to colleges on 111 campuses all across the different states of America.

What is GE Reagan scholarship?

The scholarship program has had an expenditure of $7.88 million so far that went on to finance 195 distinctly different student leaders throughout the nation. They cover 41 home states and work for uplifting the careers and education of students in different fields- medicine, law, business, nonprofits, education, and many more other highly competitive streams.

The scholarship generally covers the tuition fees, book costs, supply charges, boarding or lodging fee and some insignificant miscellaneous charges.

GE Regan Scholarship

Who is Eligible for GE Regan Scholarship?

Eligibility for the GE Regan scholarship includes fulfilling the following criteria.

  1. Students who demonstrate exceptional leadership values, academic acumen, strong drive, and complete integrity and citizenship are eligible to apply.
  2. They need to be American citizens to apply.
  3. Students must be willing to apply for a full-time undergraduate program for that current academic year when they apply for the scholarship.
  4. Those students who apply for the scholarship must be high school seniors and even home-schooled children from the armed forces.
  5. Academically should have obtained a minimum of grade 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.

What are the Application Requirements?

There are a few staple application requirements that show up when filling out their application form.

  • Application form for the GE Regan scholarship
  • Essay compositions
  • Three recommendation letters
  • High school transcript grades and tax returns are also essential documents
  • Interviews alongwith the finalist’s details
  • Nomination form from a community leader who is authorized to do the work
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There are 20 applicants who are nominated and sent an email for confirmation.

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GE Regan Scholarship Application Process Online

Those who wanted to fill out the application form for 2022 have already had their fill with the last date of the application has passed and are opening up for 2023 applications in October 2022. The applications will be all due by 6th January 2023.

  • Once the applications open, click on the online application tab to start the application process.
  • Add your personal details alongwith your reason to apply for the application.
  • Include your income details and your household size alongwith every income source you have.
  • Enter your GPA and other education details. You can also add your clues highlighting your leadership skills and your reason for being chosen for the scholarship program.


Every year 20 students can avail of $10,000 summing up to $40,000 in four years’ time. This amount is towards the funding that students need to sponsor their scholarships.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is GE Reagan scholarship acceptance rate?

The GE Regan scholarship acceptance rate is very low and out of the thousands of applications received every year, the program sends out the benefits to only 20 students per year.

When is the GE Reagan scholarship due?

The application for the GE Reagan scholarship is due in another 5 months on 6th January 2023. GE Reagan scholarship application starts from October 2022 for the academic year of 2023.

Is the GE Reagan scholarship need based?

The GE Reagan scholarship is a need based scholarship which means students who have financial needs but are extremely bright will be considered for the application.

How much is the GE Reagan Foundation Scholarship?

The GE Reagan scholarship is $10,000 per year for a period of four years and majorly targets graduate studies. The scholarship amount is disbursed every year and continues for the next three years.


The GE Reagan scholarship is one of the most highly sought scholarships in the United States and offers to help 20 needy students who lack the appropriate funds to move ahead in their careers. The scholarship program is commemorating the 40th President of the US and works best for meritorious future leaders of the country.

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