Global Good Fund Fellowship Grant Program Application Process

Entrepreneurs get supported in different ways and one of the ways is through the sanction of a grant. Different grants help different kinds of businesses and each has its own provisions. Out of the many grants available, you will need to find out the right grant program for yourself.

What is Global Good Fund Fellowship Program?

It is a 12-month grant program that aids the leadership development of different social enterprise leaders throughout the world. Once you get access to the fund, you will get access to a professional executive coach and also a c-suite business executive. The individuals serve as their mentors and through leadership assessment resources, alongwith a network of peers, sector expertise, and targeted financial capital gains, there is so much that comes your way through the Fellowship Program.

Who is Eligible?

The group is in search of a social enterprise leader and these are the eligibility criteria one needs to fulfill when walking with the scheme.

Eligibility conditions for an individualEligibility conditions for an organization
The leader of an enterprise is a minimum of one year oldThe participating organizations should either be profit, non-profit based, or hybrid organizations.
In addition to themselves, they should at least have a single full-time employeeThere is no restriction on the type of organization that can participate. It can be global or domestic or it could be both.
One needs to be committed to running an organization full-timeUndecided, for-profit or hybrid venture schemes are operational
Under 40 years is the standard acceptable age for an individual to applyPrimary focused sectors are Financial Technology, Environment, Education, Economic Mobility, and Health. However, anyone who falls beyond these sectors will also be considered.
They should not be receiving mentoring support currentlyThere is a preset and proper business model in place for the participating organizations.
The candidate must be in decision-making power for their organization. 
If applications are being made for other fellowship programs that need to be mentioned in the application as well. 

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Global Good Fund Application Requirements

Application requirements for the Global Good Fund Fellowship Grant include;

  1. You can be based anywhere in the world and that won’t be a limitation to participate in the program.
  2. A person needs to be dedicated to their own development and journey of self-discovery.
  3. Holding a leadership position at a social enterprise is also essential.
  4. You must be in the leadership role for a 3-5 year span with an ability to become a coach.

Application process of Global Good fund fellowship Grant

Applications are currently closed but the entire application process is divided into a few segments and these are;

Phase I:

In this phase, you will have to fill out an application form whereby you need to state in details a few essential points like;

  1. Add your personal information for the Global Good Fund.
  2. Include information around your eligibility criteria more and more.
  3. Incorporate details about your business that shows your decision making power and cover other essential factors.
  4. Add what or why you are willing to run your business ahead and how will it make the world gain from it.

Those who are found suitable move to the next phase where a comprehensive application is made from the participants.

You will need to add up a video and also include a written component to it.

In the short message, you must cover the following topics:

  1. Specify your motivation to set up your enterprise.
  2. State the objective and mission of your enterprise
  3. Add how or why your enterprise is unique and in what way
  4. How your enterprise can address a specific problem more effectively than the others.

The written answers will help in evaluating your leadership, enterprise, and social impact in a better way.

Phase III It comprises half an hour of video conversation with the selection team.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Question)

Is Global Grant fund legitimate?

There is a Global Grant fund that is different from the Global Goods Fund and the grant funds are cent percent legitimate granting humanitarian issues, scholarships for graduate levels, and also fuels vocational training teams in general.

How do I know if a Grant is legitimate?

There are five essential questions you might ask yourself if you wish to know about a grant’s legitimacy.

  1. Original grants do not appear on your doorstep knocking at your door.
  2. If there is a fee involved then it is not a legitimate scheme.
  3. When the grant is for personal use it is a red flag you need to investigate and if for a business you might investigate a little further.
  4. Federal Grants Administration is mostly a scam as there is no such office.

If you are asked for your ID or company details, ask them to send it to you in writing and then you can spot the difference.

How much is Global Grant Fund?

The Global Grant Fund has a minimum budget of $30,000 and a maximum fund award of $400,000.


The grant legitimacy is essential to verify and every time you read about a fund, investigate thoroughly before going ahead, and applying for it. Read more about the Global Good Fund Fellowship Grant from this article and understand the process as it is more about developing your personal self when trying to establish a business from your end.

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