How to login to GM credit Card Account & Pay Bill Payment

The Goldman Sachs credit card issued by Marcus is in news for being one of the best in terms of points. If you do not have an online account with them then you must better create one. You can do a GM credit card login to get to your account. With it you can reach customer service at any point in time, making payments, checking bills, and also solving complicated issues.

You can now use just one email address and password to sign in to your Buick, Chevrolet, GMC, and Cadillac accounts. Once you have an account with them, you can link your GM credit card to this account.

Late Payment FeeAlmost $35
Returned Payment FeeGoes to $25
InterestBased on purchase APR, interest is charged (11.95-22.9%)
Cardholder FeeNA
Interest-Free Period25 days
Cash Advance FeeCharges are 3% or $10 whichever is greater

How to do GM Credit Card Login?

  • To sign in, you must first add your email address in the given space by visiting their website
  • Click on the Continue tab to complete the GM credit card login process.
  • If you have your account with them, you will next have to enter your password to log in to your account.
Goldman Sachs credit card
  • But, if you do not have an account, the moment you enter an email ID, you will get a pop-up to create an account.
GM credit card login
  • Press on the Create Account tab to start the registration process.
  • The first thing that you need to fill in is the email id. You will have to press on the send email option.
credit card bills
  • If you have an email ID shared with a dealer or an advisor, you can use the same account to log in.
  • You will receive a verification email in your mailbox that you need to click to activate your account.
  • Once you have the basic account with you, add all the necessary information. Add your GM credit card to your account to start using it. Incorporate all other additional information in proper sections.
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How to pay GM Credit Card Bill Payment?

To pay your credit card bills, log in to your online account.

  • After logging in, you need to move to the Payment segment.
  • Press on the Pay Bill tab to start the payment process.
  • Add your bill amount and other details and also your current account details including your routing number and current account number.
  • Press on the Pay tab to complete the payment process through the payment gateway.

Payment Mailing Address & Phone Number

The payments can be sent in the form of a check or money order to the following account address-

GM card,
Goldman Sachs,
P.O Box 70321,
PA 19176-0321.

The payment phone number for the credit card is 1-833-773-0988. Call them up and either follow the prompts or speak to a live representative. Keep your account details handy along with your payment-related information.

Card Benefits

The GM credit card is preferred by people who like its benefits. Usually, people who regularly shop from them go for it. The reward credit card offers the following benefits;

  • If you shop for $1000 during the first 3 months, you will receive 10,000 points for it.
  • You do not have to pay your APR in the first 9 months.
  • The annual fee for possessing a credit card is zero.
  • With qualifying purchases, you gain 7 points per $1 spent and 4 points per $1 for every other purchase.

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How to Cancel GM Credit Card?

To cancel a GM credit card, you must go online or call the (800) 227-4825 number.

If you want to cancel a Capital One credit card online, you must follow the below process.

  • Press the option that reads, “I want to” close to the page top.
  • Choose the “Close Account” option and then press on the Submit tab to complete the process.

When you try to call them, a call center executive will help you with the process.

Customer Service Number

If you want to connect them over call for your credit card, you can try the (800) 227-4825 number. For other queries, you can also dial 1-888-316-2390.


Here’s a bit about the GM credit card and if you want to have an online account with them, read our blog for more information on it. Simultaneously, you can know more about the payment process, both online and offline from here.

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