Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship Application – Who Qualifies?

There are many scholarships that cover many subjects, but there are few for pharmacy scholars. Most of the programs don’t target a particular race or creed. However, some scholarships are coming up off late that cover a certain race, like the Good Neighbor scholarship program.

What is Good Neighbor pharmacy scholarship?

GNP (Good Neighbors Program) is offered through AmerisourceBergen, a national, independently run pharmacy network. GNP and the AmerisourceBergen Foundation run it in association with each other. It works well for Afro-American graduates pursuing a doctorate degree in pharmacy. If they are pursuing it at a black college or university that has run through history for them, then it is even better for the students.

Individuals getting the Good Neighbor pharmacy scholarship will be assessed on the following parameters.

  • Your academic records and work experience matter.
  • Your skills must be prominent in leadership, and community services, whether in school or college.
  • Career and educational goals must be evident.
  • If the student has unusual family or personal circumstances, that too will get counted.
  • You must have an online recommendation.

How to apply for it?

  • Click on Apply Now to start the Good Pharmacy application process. But first, visit the website to start the scholarship online process.
Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Create an account next to start the application process. Sign in if you already have an account.
GNP sign in
  • If this is your first visit to the site, select the appropriate option to create an account.
GNP login
  • First time users will need to choose a username, password, first, last, and middle name along with the email ID. Click on the “Register” tab to complete the registration.
Good Neighbor grant
  • Confirm your registration, and then move ahead in the application portal to fill out the application for the grant.
  • In the online application, you must provide personal information, educational information, employment information, and information about awards and honors.
  • You must also submit your address proof, and details about your community work or leadership-related skills.
  • Enter the family’s financial information as well as any low-income situations you have as a challenge.
  • Submit the online application, and then go ahead and wait for their call.
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Who qualifies for Good Neighbor Pharmacy Scholarship?

If you fulfill the below criteria, you can apply for the Good Neighbor pharmacy scholarship.

  • You must self-identify as a black or Afro-American student.
  • If you plan to pursue a doctorate degree at a full-time accredited college as a full-time graduate, you can send your applications for the scholarship then.
  • You must be a current student, either a graduate or an undergraduate when applying for this scholarship.
  • Your current minimum grade at the undergraduate level must be an average of 3.0, and a doctoral student in pharmacy must at least have a grade of 2.5 on a scale of 4.0.
  • Applicants cannot be AmerisourceBergen employees or even their children.

What are the application requirements?

If you plan to file for Good Neighbor pharmacy scholarship or grant, you will need to bring in the following documents with you to start the application process: all these materials need to be submitted electronically.

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  • A grade transcript of your current year is a must. You cannot submit grade reports, but only transcripts. The transcript should display your name, school name, grades, and different credit hours for all the courses and terms.
  • If you have filed Form 1040, your most recent form must be attached when you wish to verify the financial details.
  • One recommendation letter form also needs to be tagged no later than March 7, 2023, by 3:00 p.m. central time.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does application process take?

To hear back from the scholarship institution, an individual might have to wait 4 months from the deadline.

What is the application timeline?

Here is the application timeline you need to follow to apply for the grant.

  • September or October: Online application opens
  • January or February: Deadline for the scholarship
  • March or April: Finalists are reviewed and selected

May or June: Scholarship winners are announced alongwith the documents and the amount


If you are pursuing a doctorate in pharmacy and you are an Afro-American with fewer funds for yourself, it may be worth looking at the information we provide you here. You can get anywhere from $2500 to $5000 a year from them until you complete your doctorate degree.

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