How to Apply 2023 Grade 1 Application Sinhala?

The Sri Lankan Education Ministry released the 2023 Grade 1 Admission Forms guidelines and application forms for admission of children to grade one in government schools to be enrolled in 2022.

The government has also issued a circular with instructions guiding the parents or legal guardians of the children on how to go about the admission procedure for children who are ready to take admission in schools in 2023 .

What is 2023 Grade 1 Application Sinhala?

The Education Ministry has released the 2023 Grade 1 application form for government school admissions in three languages and they are Sinhala, Tamil, and English.

The application forms should be submitted to the Heads of Schools via registered post on or before 30 July 2022.

2023 grade 1 Application Requirements

Following are the basic requirements of Grade One Admissions:

  • The child should have completed 5 years of age by 31st January, 2023. For this, a birth certificate or a certificate validating the child’s age issued by the Registrar General of birth, District Registrar, or Additional District Registrar should be provided.
  • The children should compulsorily apply in at least six schools located in close proximity to their residences. Out of these six schools, at least three should be provincial schools.
  • The parents or legal guardians should be residing in the feeder area of the school. For this, they need to submit a certificate from the Grama Niladhari of the area.
  • Birth certificate must be attached and also the residential certificate should be tagged along with other details.

How to APPLY online for Grade 1 school admission circular 2023 Sinhala?

The online application form for Grade 1 school admission is not possible as the form is available online for download. A parent or a guardian needs to download the application form and fill it manually after taking a printout. Once the form is filled it must be sent to the respective address of the school addressing the principal.

Even though the form is available online, you cannot typically have a provision to fill and submit the same online.

How to check Application status?

After submitting the application form, parents and legal guardians can check the status of the application in the official website of the Sri Lankan Government Schools Admission 2023, Ministry of Education.

How to download 2023 Grade 1 application Sinhala PDF?

For downloading the Grade One Admission 2023 Application PDF Form in Sinhala, applicants can click the link given here.

If you are downloading the form in Sinhala, applicants can click here.

When downloading the form in Tamil, applicants can click here.

Application form 2023 (sinhala)

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When was the last date for receipt of completed application 2023?

It should reach the respective school principal by 16th July 2022 and the application should however be complete by 30 June 2022.

How many total documents one will need to attach with the application form?

One must attach 7 relevant documents including the birth certificate of the child seeking admission.


You will need to provide different documents including birth certificate of the child and also the residential address certificate. Find out more about the essential details from here and know more about them to find out how you can apply to a school for your child.


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