Grade 8 online application 2024 South Africa

Admissions are open for the Gauteng province and applications are invited for the year 2023. Grade 1 and 8 admissions will require registration through their online system. The Gauteng province in South Africa will declare the results once the registration process is over. Placement announcements will be made once the organizations review the applications and similarly, parents will have seven days to accept the offer made to them.

Post online application facilitation in 2016, they have recorded the largest influx of applications. Alongside the organization has successfully placed almost half of them by now.

To know more about the application and registration details, read this article.

What documents do I need to apply for Grade 8?

Certified copies of the application must be submitted to schools or uploaded within 7 days of receiving the placement offer.

South African citizensNon-South African citizens
Child birth certificate is essential to submit.Parents’ refugee permit/work permit/study permit alongwith passport must be submitted.
A valid home proof or parent’s work address must be uploadedIf the parent is an asylum seeker then they will need to submit that permit as well.
ID or Passport of parents need to go in.Parents will need to submit a proper home address alongwith a proper work address.
The child’s clinic card for making the Grade I application or the Grade 7 report for generating the Grade 8 application needs to be uploaded.Grade I applications must come alongwith a child clinic card.
 For Grade 8 applications, you will need to submit the Grade 7 report card.
 If parents are awaiting ID/birth certificates, they will need to obtain a temporary ID and birth certificate from the Home Affairs department.

Document required for Grade 8 Online Registration

There is no need to upload any of the documents for online registration. However, soon after you have applied, you will need to take a copy of the following documents to each of the 5 schools you have chosen during your application process.

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During online registration, South African and non-South African citizens must supply the following documents for online registration.

  1. Learner’s birth certificate must be submitted alongwith the application.
  2. Parents ID details.
  3. Residence proof that can include a utility bill, and present lease agreement alongwith your child’s school affidavit.
  4. Grade 7 report for your Term 1.
  5. Employment proof of both parents
  6. Legal guardianship (for students who are not the biological children of their parent) proof that should include the court order.
  7. Foreign students must submit the study and work visa permits as well

Grade 8 online application

To do grade 8 online application registrations, these are the steps to follow;

Even though the applications are unavailable, you can still understand the application process to fill them out next year for your child (given they are going for Grade 1).

  • Register the parents’ details
  • Next, add more about your address and other related information
  • Incorporate the learner details in this segment
  • The next step is to apply to at least 5 schools.
  • Upload or submit the documents separately to all the five schools to which you applied.

GDE Admission Application Process

The application process for GDE admissions to Grade1 and 8 involves the following;

  1. You must enter your parents or legal guardian’s details
  2. Incorporate the details of the students who are to be sent to school
  3. Apply to each of the schools and you can choose upto five schools wherein you will need to individually submit your documents.
  4. Once you do so, you will have a wait time and during this period, your child’s application will be reviewed. There will be 5 different types of waiting lists where you might find your names.
  5. WA1: When your parents live closest to the school in the feeder zone.
  6. WA2: A child who already has a sibling at school
  7. WA3: Parents are working in the feeder zone of the school they chose.
  8. WA4: The home address of the parents is within 30 kilometers of the school.
  9. WB: Parents selecting schools where their residence is beyond 30 kilometres.
  10. WA5: Focus on learning schools

Important Dates

Application related informationApplication dates
Online Application for 2022 Grade 1 and 822nd July 2022 to 19 August 2022
Document submissions22nd July 2022 to 26th August 2022
Document verification22nd July to 02nd September 2022
Waiting list management2nd September to 30th September 2022
SMS of a successful and unsuccessful application3rd October to 15th December 2022
Late applications20th December 2022 to 20th January 2023

Contact Details

You can call them, or WhatsApp them.

Call: 0800 000 789

WhatsApp: 060 891 0361

Turn to their website:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I check my GDE status?

Login to the GDE website with your username and password and find the status tab to check the application status.

How do I apply for 8th grade online?

From the GDE website during the application period, seek out the application details to apply for the 8th grade.

Are applications for Grade 8 2023 Open?

No, currently the applications are neither open for Grade 1 nor even Grade 8. However, their late admissions will open in December during which you can apply.


Only Grade 1 and Grade 8 applications are possible online, and for Grades R, II-VII you will need to do it through your respective schools. There is a non-refundable registration fee that you must clear in the name of each school you submit your application. You can apply to a total of 5 schools.

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