[7 Simple Steps] www.hacsb.com Application Online

The San Bernardino Housing program can support the housing requirements of different kinds of low-income group individuals. These programs, almost many of them are put in place by the US Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD).

This housing choice voucher program and the tenant-based voucher rental assistance program previously called Section 8 help different types of low-income groups to seek a home for themselves.

The subprograms under which usually the population is placed include the following;

Type of sub-programAssistance Type
Streamlined Lease AssistanceSupports elderly and disabled individuals
Term Limited Lease AssistanceYoung and otherwise able individuals get rental assistance for five years

www.hacsb.com Application [7 Steps Guide]

To apply for the housing assistance program, here are a few steps you will have to follow.

Step 1- Create an online account with them to start the application process.

Step 2- Form an account or login to your already created account using this link.

login information

Step 3- But when you have to register, and already have an account with HACSB, you will require a registration code. The registration code will be provided to you that you have to use for the account creation process.

Step 4- If you do not have a registration code, you will need to write to [email protected] to get the registration code.

Step 5- If you do not have it, and you do not wish to go ahead through the registration code process, click on the option that is to be used by those who do not have the registration code.

registration code

Step 6- It will open the registration form for you where you must enter your personal information first including first and last name, SSN, and phone number.

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personal information

Step 7- Add your email address and password to confirm the application process.

hacsb login

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What are the hacsb.com Application Requirements?

The application requirements for the housing assistance program involve the following conditions.

  1. Your income level should fall in the income levels given in the screenshot.
 application requirements
  • To apply for the housing assistance program, applicants should be 18 years old or more.
  • Your family size and your income limit must match to complete the application requirements.
  • Bank statements will also be needed apart from income proofs.
  • Asset-related information, if any also must be given to the authorities.

Who is Eligible?

Eligible citizens need to fulfill the following criteria;

  1. Citizenship also matters and document requirements for citizenship or immigration status must be clear.
  2. If you are evicted before this application process previously, you cannot apply for 3 years.
  3. If you have been involved with any type of drug-related criminal offense, any kind of criminal activity, or bribery, you can’t go for public housing for at least 3 years.

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hacsb.com Application Benefits

There are several benefits of having this loan for the tenant as well as the owner. The owner need not worry about payments much. They also do not need to worry about getting tenants as their homes are being facilitated by the states as places where people can stay on rent.

On the other hand, the rent issue of a tenant is solved as it does not seem like a huge bill on their head.


Here’s all about the benefits and the rental arrangements from the government. If you want to take it up, arrange for a one-year lease deposit which might be another requirement one might need to fulfill for participating in the program.

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