Harbor Freight Credit Card Application Online – Are You Eligible?

Harbor Freight is a private tool and equipment retailer unit. They offer a credit card to their dedicated buyers for purchasing equipment and tools online from herborfreight.com.

The credit card is quite loved by shoppers. It is known to be offering rewards and perks that are quite beneficial for people.

What is the Harbor freight credit card application?

The credit card from Harbor Freight can be obtained only if one applies for it. The application process is available through their online portal as well as offline through one of their stores.

  • The card is known to have a zero annual fee, offers 10% off for different purchases made from the site.
  • You also have an option to either choose 10% off the first purchase or you can even opt for a 0% interest for products bought for $299 and above.
  • Monthly re-payment options are facilitated based on the amount due.
  • One can go for a 6, 12, or 24-month repayment mode. Here’s a bit about how you can apply for a Harbor Freight credit card.

Steps for Harbor Freight Credit Card Application Online

To apply for a Harbor Freight credit card via online mode, here is the process you must follow.

Step 1: Visit the page linked here for starting the application process.

Step 2: If you are not registered, you need to register an account with them and in case, you already have an account, you can log in.

Step 3: Once you click the Register tab, add the Reward card number and ZIP code before pressing the Continue button.

Step 4: Follow the online instructions and create your username and password.

Step 5: Login and on the first page itself, you must enter the last four digits of your SSN/ITIN and your mobile number. If you don’t have a mobile number, you can click on the given link. It can help you navigate through the form even if you don’t have a mobile number.

To apply for the credit card, you can directly start the application process by clicking on the application link provided in Step 1.

Harbor Freight Credit Card

Step 6: Now fill in your personal details, like NAME, ADDRESS, SSN/ITIN, ANNUAL NET INCOME, ETC. And Then click on the ‘Continue’ Button.

harbor credit card online apply
Form 1
Harbor online application
Form 2

Step 6: Next you will be asked if you want to purchase the Optional Card Security Program. Check in the given Box if you need it otherwise leave it as and click on Continue Button.


Step 7: Next You need to agree with the Terms And Conditions Page. For this, Check in the given box and then Hit the ‘Accept & Submit‘ Button. That’s it


An individual must fulfill several requirements that include the following points.

  1. Your credit scores will matter, and only after their appropriate review can Harbor Freight issue a credit card to you.
  2. You need the last four digits of your SSN/ITIN.
  3. The applicant must submit a government-approved ID card.
  4. Income proofs are essential for getting a credit card from them.
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To be eligible for a Harbor Freight Credit card, here are a few criteria to fulfill.

  1. The individual must be 18 years and above.
  2. One must etch out the income sources if the individual is below 21 years old.
  3. One must be a US citizen or resident with valid proof.

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Credit Limit

The credit limit is decided by the bank depending on the eligibility requirements. Based on the performance of an individual, the credit limit can either be increased or decreased.

How to pre-qualify Harbor Freight Credit Card?

To qualify for a Harbor Freight Credit card, you can check if you prequalify by using the link given here. You can add the last four digits of your SSN/ITIN and your mobile number to start the pre-qualification process.


The Harbor Freight credit card is useful for those who shop regularly from their shopping outlets or their site. It is not of much use to those who do not shop from them regularly.

If you want a Freight Cargo credit card, read more about it from here.

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