Harris Health Gold Card Application – Who is Eligible?

The Harris Health Gold card is for the residents of Harris County and includes homeless, uninsured, and recently unemployed people. This program is designed to bridge the individuals who fall in the cracks in Harris County. It also aims to help uninsured people who are preferably needing surgery or hospitalization. Harris Health Gold card can help people with potentially huge medical care needs at the right time.

People who are homeless will qualify for Plan Zero. They have to almost pay nothing for making their co-payments and prescription medicines.

There is a total of five levels of discounts that are offered by them. For getting the homeless benefits, you must acquire a homeless letter.

Steps to apply for Harris County Gold Card application

The citizens of Harris County are open to several types of application processes.

  • Checking eligibility is the first step you need to get through.

If you want to check that you qualify for the Gold card discount plan, you must visit the Harris County eligibility centers. Wherever you are located in Harris County, you will come across centers within a 5-mile radius of your home.

The four Houston area centers are Acres Home Harris Health eligibility center, Martin Luther King Health Center, El Franco Lee, and Strawberry Health Centers.

You can call them at 713.566.6509.

  • Download the application form and complete it.
  • Collate your supporting documents like IDs, income statements, and other required certificates.
  • Go to any of the Harris Health eligibility centers and deliver your documents.
  • Wait to complete the processing of the Harris Health card before you can use it.

What are the application requirements?

The Harris County Gold Card requires several documents and must fulfill certain eligibility criteria. Broadly, application requirements can be categorized under the following points.

  1. A photo identification card
  2. Income or paychecks
  3. Residency proof if any along with birth certificates of dependents
  4. Medicaid, Medicare ID if any with immigration documents if required
  5. Identification documents like driver’s licenses, badges, and others including birth, marriage, adoption, or even social security cards can get accepted as identity proofs.
  6. Address proof if any.
  7. Income proof for your spouse, child, and other family members.
  8. Relationship proof to your children
  9. Health care coverage details.
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Who is eligible?

Eligibility criteria include the following conditions;

  1. You must be a Harris County resident.
  2. As per your classification, you must fall under the low-income group
  3. If you wish to apply for the Harris County Gold card, you must be eligible for other types of health insurance.
  4. You must provide your Matricula card.
  5. State-issued IDs will be needed by those who want to apply for the Harris County Gold card.

Harris County Gold Card Benefits

For those who earn between $0 to $1595, you can pay for a few services while the rest are covered by them.

Similarly, if you are homeless, you straightway get enrolled in the Gold Card scheme.

If you make more than $1595, you will be asked to pay for a few more services.

The basic benefits of the Harris County Health card are;

  1. Primary health care needs through community-based clinics.
  2. Same-day and specialty care clinics like cardiology, cancer care, stroke, geriatrics, HIV/AIDs, and even dental services.
  3. You can also go for counseling, psychiatry, as well as pharmacy costs get covered.
  4. Trauma care facilities are also available in LJB and Ben Taub hospitals.


The Harris County Gold Card can bring a lot of improvements to your life and give it a new direction. This article is for those who are not aware of the health facilities available for the citizens of Harris County.

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