Hayya Card Application Guide – Here is How to Apply?

The Supreme Committee hails the Hayya card as the next-generation smart technology. For fans of the FIFA World Cup, it will serve as a Fan ID. Every single person physically attending the matches in Qatar needs to have a Fan ID and a verifiable match ticket to move to the stadium on the day of the matches. With the use of the Hayya card, one can get access to FIFA World cup tickets and other services provided by Hayya.

Those who want to take the card will need to send in their applications. Once their applications are approved, they will get access to a valid Match ticket and can also access the stadium where the match is due. 

To attend matches, an individual can and must have only one Hayya card with them. Each in a family or among friends must have their own Hayya card.

How to Apply for Hayya Card Application?

Who is Eligible for Hayya card application?

Hayya cards will be issued to all the FIFA fan lovers who want to watch their favorite teams and players play right up close. Even if you watch multiple FIFA matches or a single FIFA match, you will need just one Hayya card. 

  • You must be 18 years old if you want the Hayya card.
  • Applicants can either be citizens of Qatar or need to display a Visa before they arrive in Qatar.
  • You need to abide by the laws of Qatar and comply with their terms.

What are the application requirements?

The Hayya card application requirements include the ones given below and apart from that, you will not need anything else.

  1. You will need a match ticket and even if you have many tickets, you will only need one card.
  2. A travel passport must be made and that must be valid for three months to be able to travel to Qatar for the matches.

You must submit a scanned copy of the JPEG or JPG format that is less than 2 MB.

A single page of it should be uploaded and double pages are not allowed.

  1. Those who wish to stay more than a day must furnish their accommodation details if they wish to receive the card. The address and contact details of the lodging facility must be attached. The accommodation option is available on the agency website if you are not aware of any.
  2. Those of you planning to stay with family or friends must register an accommodation within the Hayya portal. They must incorporate the national address (building, street and zone number).
  3. You must upload a passport size photograph with a minimum 720 pixel resolution. The file size cannot be more than 2 MB and the background must be plain white or light grey. Almost 70%-80% of the photo must be your face alone.
  4. Emergency contact details are a must for those who wish to apply for the Hayya card.
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How to Apply for Hayya Card Application?

Applying for the Hayya card is essential to understand if you wish to visit Qatar for the FIFA World Cup.

  • Visit the site as given here to access the Hayya card application.
Welcome to QATAR
  • Click on the Apply for Hayya card tab as can be seen in the screenshot.
Hayaa sign in
  • If you do not have an account with them, you can find out more about it by clicking on the Sign up with Hayya account.

Include your email ID, name and password to register an account with them.

Hayya Registration
  • You will receive a one-time password in your email ID and that needs to go into the space available.
  • Login to your account and then begin the application by adding the application category, and ticket application number and also by checking the box to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • The application category can be a match ticket holder, match voucher holder, match hospitality package, Lusail Super Cup match ticket or FIFA-accredited Personal ID.
  • Add your personal photo, details and also your passport details as it is.
Hayya card application
  • Include your passport number, birth date, expiry date, nationality, passport issuing country, and type of passport.
Hayya card application
  • Include your contact details- phone number, emergency contact details and emergency telephone number.
  • Click on the Submit tab to complete the application and then you must wait for the approval of your Hayya card application.

Hayya Card Application Benefits

You will benefit from a valid match ticket and entry to the stadium. On match days, you can also use their shuttle and metro services. You can stay there and apply for a free Saudi e-visa. It will be valid for ten days and fans can stay there for 2 months (60-days) straight.


How to Update or Edit Hayya Card Application?

To update or edit the Hayya card application, you will need to go to their main site to update it but there is a catch here. You will need to wait until your first application results have come. Once you get it, you will have to furnish the updated data. Even when they approve it and you have minor changes to make, you can only do it after you receive the verdict.

How long does Application process Take?

It will take you upto 7 business days to get approval on the Hayya application you made to them.

How long can I stay with Hayya card?

The Qatar e-visa allows you to stay in the kingdom for full 60-days and you can enjoy the matches while you spend time in their country.

Is Hayya card required for Qatar residents?

Yes, even Qatar residents will need a Hayya card to enter the stadium even if they already have a ticket.


A Hayya card can bring you a lot of facilities and with the card in hand; the Qatar FIFA world cup is only a step away if you have the Hayya card and the ticket with you. If we want to understand more about how this card can work, all you have to do is read the application requirements and eligibility details plus the way to make an application from here.

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