Check HDB Loan application status by loan number, Tenant Status

HDB flats are basically of two types- HDB BTO and HDB SBF flats. The HDB BTO flats take at least 3 to 5.5 years to complete and only begin after 70% of the flat bookings are completed. SBF flats, on the other hand, are available for free.

If you wish to apply for one, you will be intimated about your application within 14 days. But, if you still want to check your application status, log into the My HDB page and check the application status.

HDB loan status by loan number

HDB Loan application status

Right now you cannot check your personal loan status and also your financial loan status with your loan number, but you can log into your HDB account to proceed into checking the loan number.

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How to check HDB SBF application status?

To check the HDB SBF application status, go to official website.

  1. Choose your identity card type from the dropdown and select either S or T.
  2. Add your identity card number to check the application status.

How to check HDB tenant status?

Log in with your Singpass application login ID. Either scan a QR code or log in using the password. Once you have logged in, go to your application status and fill in essential details to retrieve the information about your application.

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How to check HDB HLE status?

To check the HDB HLE status, this is what you must do.

  1. Visit the My HDB Page.
  2. From there, visit the My Flat option.
  3. Click on application status and then choose the HLE option.

How to check HDB BTO Application Status?

After paying a $10 non-refundable fee and applying for a flat, you can check the loan status from the given site. From this site, you can check the number of applications, the status of your flat application, and also the results. If you are selected, a ballot number is sent to you, and an appointment date and time are given to complete the booking process.

Wrap up lines

If you are planning to apply for a flat, or if you have applied for a flat, read this excerpt for knowing more about checking the application status post-submission of the application.

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