SBF HDB Application Online: Check Eligibility & Requirements

What is HDB SBF application?

The HDB flats are available for sale in Singapore, but if you are in a hurry to buy them, you must apply for the sale of balance flats to quickly acquire a flat of your choice. Unsold flats are accumulated from the BTO launches, extra flats from the selective en-bloc redevelopment scheme (SERS), and any flats bought by HDB.

Vacant flats are being made available to the locals, and by choosing the HDB SBF plans, individuals will have to wait for less time. The leftover flats which were not sold will be quickly made available to interested individuals. The normal waiting time for a flat was at least 3 to 5.5 years since any construction is taken up only after 70% of the booking for the flat is complete.

What is the HDB SBF application rate?

HDB SBF application

The HDB SBF application is open from 17th November 2021 to 23rd November 2021. One can apply for flats online through their application portal.

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How to apply for SBF HDB?

To apply for SBF HDB flats, here’s the online process one must follow.

  • If you want to apply for an SBF flat, first click on this link to find out a preferred location and choose your flat.
  • Next, click on this link to start the application process.
  • Answer if you have read the purchase conditions and HDB loan eligibility letter conditions.
  • Next, choose a flat if you have booked an HDB flat waiting to collect the keys.
HDB flats
  • The first page opens up all the essential information, and you must read them carefully.
  • You will also need to choose between mature and non-mature sites. Further, choose a locality and house type that can be anything between a 2-room flat to 5-room/3GEN/Executive flats.
  • Read the conditions carefully and click yes if you wish to proceed.
  •  State if you are going to stay with your family or singly in the flats.
  • Add a new application, or if you had previously applied, then click on retrieve previous application.
  • There are eight segments to complete. Start by filling in your name and end by clicking the checkbox to agree to their terms and conditions.
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What are the application Requirements?

  1. People who are unable to invest in private residential properties can only apply for the scheme.
  2. You must not have received a housing grant in the past from the government.
  3. Unwed parents can buy a 2-room or 3-room flat easily in non-mature estates.
  4. The applicant must be a minimum of 21 to 35 years old.
  5. Qualifying for a flat is possible under one of the following schemes- public, fiance, or orphan scheme.


To apply, these are the conditions one must fulfill.

  1. If singles are applying together, at least one of them must be a Singaporean.
  2. Applicants below 21 years cannot apply for the scheme and singletons or divorced can apply even at 35 years and above.
  3. You must belong to a certain income group for the flat you seek.
  4. People applying for a flat cannot own another property overseas or within Singapore.
  5. No property disposal should have been made in the last 30 months.
  6. If you are a single applicant, you must meet the EIP/SPR quota for that particular area.
  7. Monthly income cannot be more than $7000. If a family is applying, it can be $14000, and for extended families, it can be $21000.

How long does HDB SBF take to complete?

It takes almost six weeks from the time the application closes.

Can I apply for BTO if I have already applied for SBF?

They open twice every year, and at any point in time, you can apply for only one scheme, either SBO or BTO.


Here’s a bit about the fast-track process of getting a flat in Singapore. If you need one, apply for a flat and read more about it in this blog article. For the Nov. SBF application rate, the non-mature flat demands moved up to 4.8 applications per flat and 5.4 applications for mature flats.

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