Heating Assistance Rebate Program in Nova Scotia (HARP) Guide

From 31 January 2023, the Heating Assistance Rebate Program started accepting the applications of low and average-income Nova Scotians from rising heating costs. The HARP program applications are open till 31 march 2023.

It is easy for Nova Scotians to apply for the HARP program from the official Nova Scotia website. The best thing about this program is the rebate amount of $1000. If the candidate is eligible for this program by household income, they receive the rebate amount of $1000. 

Keep reading the post to know everything about the HARP program, including eligibility, requirements, a way to apply, and the benefits of this program. 

What is the Heating Assistance Rebate Program in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia HARP

HARP program stands for the Heating Assistance Rebate Program. This program helps low and average-income Nova Scotians with home heating costs. It holds rebates of $1000 for every household that Nova Scotians receive after HARP program approval.

If you also want to get help with the heating cost, you can easily apply for the HARP program until 31 march 2023.

Who is Eligible?

To become eligible for the Heating Assistance Rebate Program, you should pay for your heat and meet the following criteria to get a rebate.

  • Have an income of $85000 or less, or no other person depends on your income.
  • Have a combined household income of $85000, or some people in your family depend on your income.
  • Get income assistance from the department of community services.
  • Get the GIS ( Guaranteed Income Supplement) or allowance service from Canada.

If your financial or personal condition changed last year, you are also qualified to fill out applications for the HARP program. The changes include getting divorced, widowed, losing a job, turning 18, legally separated, or recently coming to Canada or having any change in children’s custody.

What are the Application Requirements?

Before starting the application process for the HARP program, you should check the program requirements you should meet. Ensure that you have the following:

  • Date of birth certificate and social insurance numbers of all adults in your home
  • Signature of any members in the home on the HARPapplication 

There is also a need to submit the additional documents as follows as

  •  Proof of change in marital status
  • Divorce, separation paper, if any changes occurred last year
  •  Notice of assessment of Canada revenues agency for the applicant or other adults in the home
  • Canada child benefit form
  • HST/GST payment details form
  •  Citizenship application document
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After that, the HARP team will contact you and ask you to give your heating bills or receipts for natural gas, electricity, coal, wood pellets, or another heating source.

How to apply For HARP Program Application?

Once you become eligible for the program or you want to apply for the HARP program, here are the simple steps you need to follow:

  • First, you have to visit the official  website, HARP novascotia site
  • Now, move to apply online for a rebate.
  • It is suggested first to check application details that need the essential documents to submit.
  • Please fill out the application form online and submit your essential documents.
  • Submit the filled application online.

This is how you can easily apply for the nova scotia HARP program. After applying, you can also check the application status by visiting the above-mentioned site.

Where the HARP applications are available?

Along with applying online for the HARP program, you can also get the application form from

  • MLA offices
  • Salvation Army
  • Access nova scotia centers
  •  Departments of community services offices
  •  Efficiency nova scotia
  •  Departments of seniors


To help Nova Scotia from rising home heating costs, there are many benefits of the  Heating Assistance Rebate Program that are as follows as:

  • The HARP program helps low and average-income Nova Scotians from rising heating costs.
  •  If the people get less rebate amount, like $100-$200, they will easily get the remaining rebate when the HARP applications are processed again.
  • If the people had any financial or personal information changes last year, they are also eligible for the HARP program.
  • The eligible Nova Scotians can easily get a rebate in 2-8 weeks. 
  • There are no fees associated with filling out the HARP application program. 


How much is the NS heating rebate?

The NS Heating Assistance Rebate Program provides a rebate of $1000 to low and average-income Nova Scotians. In this way, Nova Scotians get heating assistance.


The HARP program is the best heating assistance program that gives you a rebate of $1000. Ensure to have the email ID while applying for the Program because they email you if they need more information to provide you with a rebate.

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