Hobby Lobby Starting Pay – Is Hobby Lobby raising minimum wage

Payments per hour are increased by many stores including the recent updates as per Hobby Lobby. ‘Hobby Lobby minimum wage increase‘ was recently announced for full-time workers. The labor market currently is running tighter and labor shortages are known to be impacting the market worldwide.

Thus, many famous outlets are continuously raising packages to make the labor force contended and to meet their daily requirements. The minimum $15 wage is being currently paid by Amazon, Target, South West Airlines, and so on.

The major art and craft store, Hobby Lobby announced a minimum wage hike for their workers. The announcement was made a few days back and the starting wage per hour was increased for almost all minimum wage positions.

Hobby Lobby Minimum wage News

Recently the starting wages or the Hobby Lobby minimum wage increase was announced to be above $15 every hour. The full-time hourly wage as seen is $18.50. The regular workers currently are getting paid $17 and thus a $1.50 hike is to be noted in the wage going forth.

The part-time minimum wage was increased to $13 per hour this October. The current change is for the full-time workers with the company and there is no announcement of any further changes for the part-time workers in this announcement.

Hobby Lobby starting Pay

The starting pay of many companies is resting at $15 while Hobby Lobby’s current wage was running at $17 for full-time workers. However, after a recent update of increasing the minimum wages for part-time workers, wherein their pay was raised to $13, a hike is being given also to the full-time workers. From the current $17 their pay is raised to $18.5 per hour.

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Is Hobby Lobby raising their minimum wage?

Yes, Hobby Lobby has increased its minimum wage requirement.

What is the Pay Per hour?

The Hobby Lobby Pay/hour currently for regular workers is $17 and that is raised by another $1.50 for them as per this current announcement.

Hobby Lobby minimum wage part-time?

The part-time wage for Hobby Lobby was raised in October 2021 up to $13. In 13 years of its operation Hobby Lobby has increased its wages twelve times.


The wage increase is the only way to retain old and good workers. It is way above the current market rates but they again decided to raise it for their part-time workers first and now for their full-time workers. Read more about their hike in this article.

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