Home Affairs Passport Application: Here is How to Apply

A passport is an essential document that is issued by the government of that particular country to citizens who wish to travel outside. It is in accordance with Section 26 (B) as per the South African Citizenship Act. Permanent South African passports are printed in Pretoria, South Africa and to get a passport, one will need to fill out a preliminary application form that mentions details about you and your identity.

  1. Your identity details must be enough that the passport officer becomes sanguine of your identity and validity.
  2. Your photograph must be a recent one and it should closely resemble you in every form.
  3. Fingerprints are also collected from individuals and these are matched with the National Population Register fingerprints to check if they are yours.

Who is Eligible for home affairs online passport application?

Eligibility for the passport is possible if individuals fulfill the below eligibility criteria.

  • Any South African citizen with a government approved ID can apply for a passport. There are no further eligibility criteria that are mandatory in any way.
  • Individuals 16 years or older must surely have a passport.

What documents are required for the Application?

There are several documents one must submit if one needs a passport.

  • The duly completed passport application form- DHA-73 is a must to submit.
  • Your identity document must be appended to the application form.
  • The individual’s birth certificate must also be added to the list of documents.
  • A determination of citizenship form DHA-529 must be added when applying from abroad.
  • If you lost your passport or had any tourist passport even then you can apply with a loss of passport report (DHA-335).
  • Two color photographs must be added with the ID photograph specification.
  • The passport fee needs to be paid to complete the application.

There are different kinds of passports and each of them will have a separate document requirement apart from the main ones. For each type of passport, one must submit all the essential documents.

Travel passportsPermanent residence addresses document, Non-citizen identity document & Written confirmation from your country for refugees and parent’s consent if below 18-years old.
Official passportsThey must submit their office’s approval on the passport issuance form and also submit the purpose of visit.
Tourist passportsThey need to submit many documents and to check what are they, refer to this link

How to Apply for Home Affairs Passport Application?

You can apply for the Home Affairs passport application in the following way through online mode.

  • Create a profile on their site and then capture the essential information within the application.
  • Append all supporting documents with your passport.
  • Pay the payment for the passport application.
  • Further, there will be an appointment with your nearest passport office wherein you have to appear for the scheduled interview.
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home affairs online passport application

The first step of the registration will be to add the following essential information. Add your complete name, birth date, email address, telephone number and South African ID number on the first page. Move to the next page to fill in the information as per the available prompts.

home affairs passport application

The first step is registration for an online account. After completing the online application by filling in your personal details, and professional and educational details, you can move ahead by paying the fee and simultaneously submitting the form.

Contact Details

There are two places where you can contact them for passport-related queries- the contact center and home affairs headquarters.

For contacting the contact center, use the following details.

  • Email address [email protected]
  • Mailing address: Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
  • Telephone number: 0800 601 190

Those who want to contact the Home Affairs Headquarters;

  • Use the following email address: [email protected]
  • Mailing address Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Phone number: 012 406 2500

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I apply for my South African passport online?

Yes, you can apply for the South African passport online and you can also apply for it offline.

How can I make passport appointment online?

Once you will fill out the online application, you will be able to choose an appointment time. Match the available timings with your calendar and lock the session that best suits your hours. Lock the scheduled appointment and confirmation intimation will come to your email. Take a printout of it and carry it to the passport office on the day of the appointment.

How long does it take to get a passport from Home Affairs South Africa?

Once the application is finalized, It can take anywhere between 7 to 21 days to get a passport from Home Affairs, South Africa. Finalizing the application can take anywhere from 6 months.

How much is a South African passport 2023?

These are the amounts you must pay if you need a South African passport.

  1. A 32-page adult passport- R600 (R400 currently)
  2. A 48-page passport will cost R1 200.
  3. Official passports can cost R600 (no charge right now)
  4. Child passports can cost R600 (currently no cost)
  5. Travel purpose documents R600 (currently R300)

Can I go to passport office without appointment?

You cannot visit the passport office without an appointment. If you ever have to apply for a passport, you must either seek an online appointment or a confirmation letter via mail.


Not having a passport in South Africa is a criminal offense when you are 18-years old and above. Thus, passports are a must for everyone and applying for a passport is essential. Once anyone applies for a passport, they will need to attend an interview whereby they must answer relevant details and questions. Whoever is approved after the interview will have the chance to get a passport anywhere within 7-21 days’ time.

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