Homechoice account Application Online – How to do Registration [Guide]

Social housing is a decent option for people who are homeless and are searching for homes. These general housing structures connect the homeless to the cities. Social housing refers to the home lots and condominium units. Single parents or people living alone can prefer living in social housing. With social housing, you can find a long-term home facility. For South Africans, Home Choice is a valid option and people who are currently alone or homeless are searching for one such home for themselves.

What is Homechoice Account?

Homechoice allocates social housing to people who need it. With them, you can choose the property type and also find the details about different available options. Every week they advertise the Homechoice options that are complete on Monday of the following week.

For existing or new applications know more by calling them at 01295 227004 and by mailing them at [email protected]. Upon creating an application, you will receive a Housing Register reference number that you will have to use for every communication.

Who is Eligible for Homechoice Account?

To meet the eligibility criteria for a Homechoice account, here is what you must do.

  1. If you are homeless you will be given preference.
  2. Those who are might land up in homelessness and have a need.
  3. People who occupy overcrowded housing or have poor housing conditions.
  4. If someone is disabled, medically challenged, or has poor welfare can also apply and get prioritized.
  5. If they have a requirement to move to a particular locality to stop themselves from facing hardships.

What are Application Requirements?

Application requirements for the Homechoice account application include;

  1. Address and contact details need to be added.
  2. Employment essentials need to be incorporated too.
  3. You must also add your monthly income and expense details.
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How to register for the Homechoice account application?

To apply for the application you will need to do the following;

  1. From the top right-hand corner, click on the Register tab to register yourself in homechoice.co.za.
  2. Add your ID number which will help them find out if you have an account with them.
  3. Enter personal details and the password to start the Homechoice account.
  4. Click on the Register password tab for creating your online Homechoice account.

You can simply call 0861466324 (South Africa) or +27216801300 (out of South Africa) and tell them the following;

  1. Give them your ID number
  2. Provide them with the address and contact details.
  3. Include the employment related information
  4. Incorporate your monthly expenses and income related information.

Sms Number to Open Account

To open an account you must dial *120*466324# and follow the prompts. Use the number to open your account through an offline mode.

WhatsApp number to open account

To send them documents for opening an account using their WhatsApp number, you must call +27 (71) 474 5757.

Homechoice Contact Details

Call them at 086 146 6324 if you want to resolve a query. You can also mail them to a given address and for ordering them also you need to call them at that number.

Mailing address: HomeChoice (Pty) Ltd
Private Bag X123
Claremont 7735

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does a Homechoice application take?

It takes almost 20 working days from the date you file the Homechoice application. You will know about the results in writing via mail once you confirm the Homechoice application.

How to check my Homechoice account?

Homechoice accounts can be checked in the following way;

  1. Dial *140*466234# and search for the registration option.
  2. Login to the homechoice.co.za or contact the call center.
  3. Click on check your monthly statement for your account.


Learn more about your Homechoice account from this article as this can help you to find the best ways in which you will be able find social housing for yourself as per your own choice. Read the details and try to find out the best slots for yourself.

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