Hot Topic Job Application Online Process – Who is Eligible?

Hot Topic is a licensed store chain that sells apparel and fashion accessories influenced by the musical world. They have outlets in more than 600 locations and provide different opportunities for freshers as well as experienced people. If you want to apply for a Hot Topic job you will have to fill out their application form.

The company initially began as a T-shirt brand and went forth as a specialty outlet for logos and artwork designs on tees. Later they migrated to making diverse clothing options and they moved on from jackets to lingerie merchandise. Numerous accessories also came up like backpacks, bags, wallets, and even purses.

They are also now into promoting alternative and new music with new music items available on sale with them.

Steps for Hot Topic Job Application Online

To apply for the Hot Topic jobs, your online application should be done in the following way.

  • For Hot Topic jobs, after visiting the Hot Topic Career Website, search for the best available jobs. Find the ones that suit you and click on the job to read all its details.
Hot Topic application
  • After reading the job descriptions if you like it then go ahead and fill out the form.
Hot Topic jobs
  • Attach your resume/CV, fill in your name, email, and phone alongwith your portfolio URL.
  • Apart from the resume if there is anything you wish to share with them, let them know in the space given.
Apply for Hot Topic
Hot Topic Jobs apply

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What are the Application Requirements?

Every Hot topic job with them will have a different need and if you want to know your application requirements, ensure you fulfill the following points.

  1. All applicants irrespective of the position they apply for must be 18 years and above.
  2. You must fulfill their basic qualification need like some positions require you to be a graduate and others require a plain high school or equivalent diploma.
  3. Some jobs might require you to know sketching and others might go for your computer knowledge.
  4. You must be able to provide all your previous work experiences within your resume.
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Who is Eligible for Hot Topic Job?

Some of the eligibilities will include fulfilling the following conditions.

  1. You must not have a criminal background and should have been in captivation for any criminal offense.
  2. People applying for their jobs need to provide a valid email ID, telephone number, and a firsthand mailing address for future correspondence.
  3. For those who are especially abled, you must mention your disability category in your resume and confirm the same.

Hot Topic Job Benefits

Benefits from Hot Topic to employees include the following;

Insurance BenefitsHealth Insurance
Medical benefits
Dental and optician visits are covered
Paid time off
Sick Leaves
Maternity & paternity leaves
Retirement benefits(401) K plans are available for all permanent employees

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Salary Details

Salaries vary with experience, job type and role, experience and expertise in that field, and also with your educational qualifications.

As for a sales associate with them, the salary can be somewhere from $7-$17 per hour.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Hot Topic hiring?

You can check the Hot Job site to know whenever they are hiring. If you want to apply keep a tab on their online site for more information.

Is Hot Topic a good job?

Yes, Hot Topic offers a healthy, world class, competitive and friendly work environment for its employees.

Does Hot Topic hire at 16?

Yes, they hire 16-year-olds but they might need to show their work permit.


Hot Topic jobs are best for every age group and experience levels. There are no special requirements other than what is required for every standard job at that particular level. If you wish to apply for Hot Topic jobs refer to this article to know more about their application process and requirements.

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