Household support fund application online – Are You Eligible?

Note: The Household Referral is open from 9th May to 4th September 2022.

Noone can directly apply for funds and only low income pensioners will get a voucher that one can redeem at any post office. Another way is referral from the Leicester City Council teams like;

  • Social workers of their community
  • Housing officers & housing related support workers from the neighborhood
  • Income management officers & also city school referrals are accepted

If you are in dire need and was unable to obtain a rightful referral you can email them at [email protected] or call them at 0116 454 1019.

What is a Household support fund application?

Unexpected costs are difficult to tackle and often as cumbersome as they can be, making life more difficult than usual. But the government has come up with a novel plan for this winter that promises to support last-minute financial crunches.

If any of you out there is struggling to get support on food, clothing, and buying utilities, then this funding facility is for you. The fund will be open in circumstances where other different benefits and funds cannot meet a household’s requirements. Fundings like discretionary housing funds, universal credit, and housing benefits might not be enough for an individual.

Steps for Household support fund application Online

The Household Support online application will differ across counties and the filling up process might be slightly different. However, the information required to complete the fund application will be all similar.

Here is the way you need to apply online for getting approved for the Household Support Fund online within the Cambridge County Council.

Household support fund

STEP 1- Here is a way to fill up the application in West Berkshire. Visit this official website.

Household support

STEP 2- Press the Start tab to begin the application process. Answer the first question which asks you if you have applied for household funds ever before.

Household fund

STEP 3- If you are receiving any compensation from any of the other divisions, you need to mention it by checking those boxes. You will also need to attach the documents related to the funds you are already receiving.

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STEP 4- Enter your National Insurance (NI) Number and then click on the Next file to move to the next segment.

STEP 5- Continue with the application form and enter personal details, support needs, eligibility, and other appropriate information.

For Leicester residents, this is the link you must follow. Find out your county’s online link and apply for your county only.

For Somerset, the form is just one page as provided in the snippets below.

Household support apply
FORM Image 1
FORM Image 2
FORM Image 3
FORM Image 4

Application Requirements

Requirements differ from one county to another except, these three are common to all the counties approving the Household Support Fund.

  1. One must be a citizen of a particular county from where one wishes to derive the benefits.
  2. Your income must be below the specified income levels. You will be asked to submit income proofs to verify the same before a grant is given to you.
  3. National Insurance number or your ID and address of a particular country.


Eligibility criteria vary from one county to another to apply for a Household support fund. Certain eligibility criteria must be fulfilled as given below.

  1. The applicants must be 16 years of age and above when applying for the funds.
  2. A family struggling to meet their basic requirements can apply.
  3. The professional submitting the application must verify the children of every home through a photo ID like a driver’s license, birth or marriage certificate, and even a passport.

When will the household support fund be available?

The funding covers the six-month span from October 2021 through March 2022.

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Wrap up lines

Here’s what the household support fund is all about. If in doubt about the online application, requirements, or eligibility criteria, do drop in here to find out more. Not every country has the same type of online application form, not just the form type but the way of application differs too, for many counties.

Thus, look into the above blog to learn more about it.

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