Household support Fund Application Online Guide

In the United Kingdom £200 cost of living payments are being sanctioned for families struggling with their inability to pay for their food, gas, and water bills. Especially families consisting of children and old retired people need massive help with the rising costs of living recently. Authorities are planning to use several means to deliver the cash. It includes vouchers for households, direct food, and goods provisions, or even a £200 direct payment.

Primarily support is being planned for vulnerable households who are already surviving on benefits. The households can get a £200 payment from the government towards living costs and basic maintenance as the price of food and gas touches higher limits. Advice from social workers and supporting family advisors are always being encouraged for families to know about the present benefits available to people. Some counties are also helping in generating a local hardship grant scheme that will go through local community organizations.

Steps for Household support Fund Online

household support fund application

Known as the Summer 2022 local hardship scheme, applications are now open to all and will be available to the population until 30th September 2022.

Every country will have its own form and online process, if you want to go ahead with the application, move to your concerned county’s website.

Those people living in Birmingham can visit their official website for household support funds.

Once you are on the page and you know the local authority that supports your area, choose it and complete an eligibility assessment. Once you confirm your eligibility, the local authority will submit an application on your behalf.

From the page check each of the columns in the table. There are three columns with one consisting of contact details for houses with children, aged adults, and those who stand at pensionable age.

There is a mail ID and a telephone number (it is for those who cannot operate a computer or are not having basic knowledge of writing a mail) against each county and under all three categories. Choose the aptest category under your county for yourself and your family to initiate the eligibility test.

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Household Support Fund

Who is Eligible for £200 household support fund?

Primary eligibility for the scheme lies with children and old people.

Almost more than ten thousand children have already been identified by the council and all are due for their vouchers.

  1. Children who get free school meals, or have early years pupil premium along with that two years of funding.
  2. Care leavers are within 25 years of age and do not fall under education, employment or training when within the age range of 16-18.
  3. Young carers taking care of their parents or have been known for their domestic abuse services.

What are the household support fund Application Requirements?

Application requirements for the program will include fulfillment of these essential criteria.

  1. For the £200payment from the government, only one application will be accepted per household.
  2. It can only be requested by the person whose name appears on your council tax bill from the family.
  3. You must have your names on their council bill list.
  4. A government-issued identity card might also be an essential requirement.
  5. You will need to disclose your family income and also the total number of members earning within a family.
  6. Mention the number of children in a household and also specify the number of children.


How many times can you apply for household support fund?

You will receive your vouchers within ten working days and you can apply for them only once for every item when the scheme is operational.

Household support fund how much can I get?

It is £64 for every person and an extra £20 for each partner or spouse. Along with it each dependent child will get £20 each in a household.

What can household support fund be used for?

You can pay gas bills or even buy food with that amount. Additionally, you can spend it on anything that seems worthwhile.


It is primarily the war between Ukraine and Russia that is raising the fuel and food costs in different European nations including the United Kingdom. The sanctions on crude oil import and wheat import being impacted heavily have led to sudden spikes in the market. Moving away from a stable economic structure is impacting vulnerable communities in the worst possible ways.

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