How to check Housing is Key Application Status?

The Housing is Key portal is handled by the California Department of Real Estate and aims to bring about rent relief facilities to those who are struggling with the COVD-19 aftermath. Not only that, they plan to help everyone who will need rental assistance in the future.

Though they have applications announced only at certain times and you might have to wait to get there when in need it is one of the ways to fall back surely. Alongwith these kinds of facilities, Californians can expect to find different useful information and resource to refer to when facing trying times.

check housing is key application status

How to check Housing is Key application status?

The application process is closed for Housing is Key currently and people who reach the portal can click on the saffron band to check the application status.

You can simultaneously click on the Application Status tab to check your application status. Add your application number

Housing is key application

A program representative will contact you when they have reviewed your application or if they find missing documents upon review.

Check application status with phone number

Apart from the online method of application check, you can also find out more by calling them at 833-430-2122 number.

When you need help in a different language other than English, you can call 833-687-0967.

Housing is Key application status paid “Meaning”

There are several terms that a person needs to know to find out the status of their application. When the status reflects as paid, it means that your application is not just approved, but they have also paid the amount to you. If you have received such a message, quickly go ahead and check if there is any additional amount in the account you gave to them. If there is, then it means they have made the payments.

Housing is Key application denied “Solution”

There are different circumstances under which your Housing is Key application might be denied approval. To counter such a condition first check the reason cited for denial and then follow the process to mitigate the problem.

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The most common reasons for denying an application will include these reasons mainly.

  1. The applicants don’t typically fall in the low-income range specified by the Federal government- There is not much that you can do about it as people are thoroughly assessed for their low-income status originally.
  2. Supporting documents are missing- Even after repeated requests if the required documents are not submitted there are chances that your application will be denied approval.
  3. Your lease or rent agreement is not valid: In such circumstances, it might be time to sit down with your owner to decide upon a legal rental agreement.
  4. If your landlord confirms you are at no risk of eviction then there is a chance that your rental relief will not be generated.

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Housing is Key application under review “Solution”

There are several review steps for the Housing is Key application and each one does not only have a different meaning but also will need to be solved differently if in case a review request is raised by the team.

Review stepsMitigating the review refusal reasons
For reviewThis is reflected once your application is submitted. There is nothing much you can do about it
Documentation reviewA case manager is looking through your documents. If they need any other documents from you that are either additional or missing, they will ask you to submit them. A mail will be sent to you regarding the same.
Eligibility reviewThere are certain eligibility criteria like income and eviction risk. A backend team will be reviewing these to find out if you fit the eligibility criteria
QC reviewThe quality control team will review and verify your application. They will also go through your entire submitted paperwork. They are the final ones to approve or reject your form. If they reject it based on any reason, the same will be intimated to you via a mail

Housing is Key application status recapture “Meaning”

Recapture is an issue faced by those who have applied for rent relief programs. Some of them are receiving payments wrongly from two sources for the previously unpaid rental amounts. Most funds being given by local authorities and state authorities collide with each other. When this is the case, you will receive an intimation requesting you to refund the extra amount that you have received. You will be told how you can make the refund. If you do not repay there might be an inspector visiting your property soon after for verification and resolution of the issue.

Do not apply to two different programs offering help for rent relief at the same time if possible.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to approve Housing is Key application?

The average turnaround time for an application is 30 days but due to a huge pile of applications lined up the housing key application can take almost 4 months for approval, as per the National Equity Atlas, the extremely detailed racial and economic equity report card of the United States.


Rent relief is a burning issue that is not getting addressed in time for many. Since the application process seized people are more worried to find out the status of their application. Here are a few essential facts that one ought to know about the application status when going for rent reliefs.

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