GDRFA Application Entry or Return Permit (Check Requirements)

What is GDRFA Application?

The General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs offers a web portal and mobile apps for various services. The GDRFA application is used to provide access to the most frequently needed services of Dubai Immigration. You can apply for various services through the website, smart application, and the Customers Happiness Center Dubai Airport Terminal 3.

gdrfa application

As a Dubai citizen, you can apply for a visit visa for your relatives

  • Use the smart gates with the app at the airport,
  • Apply for a residence entry permit for family members,
  • Renew residence permit for family members,
  • Transfer residence to your new passport,
  • Check your residence and entry permit status,
  • Apply for refund fee for refused applications,
  • And generate the travel status report and list the people you sponsor.
  • You can also cancel resident for anyone sponsored.

How to apply for the application?

You can apply for the GDRFA application at the website or via the mobile app. The e-services supported are visa validity, inmate visit request, return permit for a resident outside UAE, innovation platform for people of determination, and for purchases & suppliers.

How to track application status?

You can track the GDRFA application status by going to the Status Tracking website of GDRFA. You need to enter your application number and other search parameters for the GDRFA application status check.

How to get GDRFA application number?

When you apply for a passport, entry permit, or visa on arrival, and various other services via the online web portal or the mobile app, then you will get a GDRFA application number after completing the application process. The application number tracking can be used in the future for tracking applications and for other purposes.

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Application documents required

The only documents needed for applicants applying for a return permit are the passport, visa, and Emirates ID.

Application process

You must visit the site and then choose the relevant options to complete the GDRFA application process.

GDRFA Return permit

For Dubai residents who want to re-enter Dubai need to have approval and a return permit from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA). This is especially applicable for people who are entering Dubai from restricted countries.

To get GDRFA’s approval, the applicants have to apply on the GDRFA’s online portal. Applicants need to provide their Resident File Number that you can find on the visa under the File section. Once your application is successfully approved, you will receive an email with the GDRFA reference number.

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