How to get TSA Precheck Free? [Are you Eligible]

Everyone loves air travel because it is safe, quick, and convenient. A person reaches their destination faster than other means of transport. However, due to threats, the authorities ensure a strict Airport Security and screening process that takes an enormous time. Also, the screening process is more rigorous in the US. 

What if we tell you that you don’t need to undergo these troublesome screening processes at Airports?

Sounds exciting, right? TSA PreCheck, an Airport screening service does the work for you.

So, let’s learn more about TSA PreCheck and its details.

Does it cost money to get TSA PreCheck?

does it cost money to get tsa precheck

TSA PreCheck eases your Airport security process. Hence, your screening, which usually takes at least 30 minutes, will consume half the time. TSA PreCheck eliminates all the standard screening routines, such as standing in vast queues, emptying traveling bags, or removing outer jackets. 

TSA PreCheck costs money, and you must pay $78 for application fees, and lasts up to five years. Interested people can apply online or schedule an appointment at the TSA center. The officials will take fingerprints and also consider background checkups. However, you will qualify after you meet the eligibility criteria.

Visit ‘’ and enroll for TSA PreCheck to make your flights more convenient. Some techniques allow people to get this service for free. We’ll understand how travelers can get TSA PreCheck for free.

How to get TSA PreCheck for Free?

Some proven ways allow you to obtain TSA PreCheck free of cost. So, let’s glance at them.

  1. Use miles: Several loyalty points cover your TSA PreCheck application fee. Although these mile points have terrible value, they can help you qualify for free TSA PreCheck. It is helpful for passengers who aren’t eligible for credit cards.
  2. United MileagePlus: United Flyers passengers have a golden chance to redeem MileagePlus points that pay for TSA PreCheck. However, MileagePlus miles cost $132, which means you will pay $85 to get a $78 TSA PreCheck. Hence, it is not considered the most suitable option, but passengers get MileagePlus and TSA PreCheck benefits. Open the ‘’ website to learn more and get access to the redemption code.
  3. Marriott Bonvoy: Another airway covering TSA PreCheck costs is Marriott Bonvoy. Initially, Marriott passengers must get 25,000 points to redeem a voucher. It contains a unique code that provides access to TSA PreCheck. Additionally, the Bonvoy points have many advantages, which include delivering TSA PreCheck for free.
  4. IHG Rewards: IHG airways provides customers with 30,000 points. These points cover TSA PreCheck for its passengers. However, travelers must buy $210 IHG Rewards to get $78 TSA PreCheck free. The points give other helpful benefits. 
  5. Radisson Rewards: Radisson passengers need to redeem 65,000 Radisson rewards worth $520 to get TSA for free. However, it is not affordable or beneficial. So, travelers must skip this reward.
  6. Free TSA PreCheck by credit card: Numerous credit card companies provide free TSA service to cardholders. Therefore, it is the best way to get TSA PreCheck. Only check that your bank offers this service.
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Here are some credit card companies that offer free TSA PreCheck:

  • Arvest Visa Signature Credit Card
  • HSBC Premier Credit Card
  • Bank of America Premium Rewards Credit Card
  • Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card
  • IHG Rewards Premier Credit Card
  • United Explorer Card

Let’s learn how you can be eligible for a free TSA PreCheck.


Passengers must be eligible before applying for TSA PreCheck. Else, their application will get rejected. 

The following are the eligibility criteria for free TSA PreCheck:

  • Passengers must be US citizens or legal US residents
  • Travelers who also are Global Entry members
  • US citizens who are legal SENTRI members
  • US and Canadian citizens who are lawful NEXUS members
  • US Armed Force members who are serving the nation in the army or government agency
  • Minors traveling with eligible adult

Check your eligibility criteria and get TSA for free with the methods mentioned above. Visit ‘’ for more details.

Let’s look at our final topic, i.e., who offers free TSA to the passengers?

Who offers a free TSA PreCheck?

Credit cards and loyalty programs allow free TSA to customers. 

The Credit card companies or reward programs that provide free TSA PreCheck are the following.

  • Aesthetics Card Visa 
  • Capital One Venture Card
  • Delta SkyMiles Platinum American Express Card
  • Diners Club Carte Blanche Corporate Card
  • Capital One Venture X Card
  • Bank of America Premium
  • Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card
  • Marriott Bonvoy
  • Capital One Spark Miles Card
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve
  • Citi / AAdvantage Executive World EliteTM MasterCard
  • Citi Prestige Card
  • Commerce Bank World Elite Mastercard
  • Arvest Visa Signature
  • Certain American Express
  • Orbitz Rewards
  • Truist Enjoy Travel 
  • Radisson Rewards Americas
  • Provident World+ Travel
  • US Bank FlexPerks Gold American Express Card

Visit the ‘’ website to discover more credit cards offering free TSA PreCheck. Begin your membership today and enjoy a straightforward screening process at the Airport.

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Is TSA PreCheck free for Government Employees?

TSA PreCheck is free for Government Employees traveling for professional or personal purposes. As a result, they don’t have to wait in long security queues and can access the dedicated TSA lane. Also, they can bring a minor under 12 years with them.

Does the military get a free TSA PreCheck?

The United States Government provides free TSA PreCheck to the US military. Therefore, they can enjoy an expedited security process at the Airport. 


TSA PreCheck helps you complete your Airport screening process in only five minutes. These passengers must undergo a dedicated TSA lane that quickly screens them. In addition, TSA PreCheck travelers don’t require to remove their outer apparel for checking. Furthermore, they don’t need to empty their laptop or traveling bags and dispose of their liquid items. 

12-year-old children can accompany their parents for free and get their screening done at TSA lane. So, apply for TSA PreCheck at $78, valid for five years, and enjoy screening at the Airport before boarding the flight.

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