How To Reverse E-Wallet on FNB in South Africa, Botswana?

With the enhanced digitalization of modern times, the transfer of money around the globe has become easier than any time before. The e-Wallet FNB is one of the most convenient and accessible ways to carry out transactions and transfer money in South Africa. However, after making a payment through the FNB App, and suddenly realized that you had sent the payment to the wrong person. But there is nothing to panic about if you know how to reverse the transaction in the FNB e-Wallet. 

How To Reverse E-Wallet on FNB in South Africa? 

How To Reverse E-Wallet on FNB

Transfer of Money all over South Africa is very convenient and reliable with the FNB app. However, if you sense a mistake in transferring the Money, you can reverse the E-wallet through specific simple steps.

To reverse the e-wallet from the FNB app, you need to take quick action and dial 087 575 0362 for a quick inquiry that will help you with the reversal process. Taking prompt action for the reversal can save your money and help you continue your transactions without stress. 

How To Reverse E-Wallet Payment Using FNB App, Botswana? 

If you have recently used the FNB e-wallet service to make a payment but realized that it was sent to the wrong recipient, you can follow out specific easy actions and reverse the e-wallet payment instead of stressing about it.

Dial *120*321# from your phone and select option 4 for Send Money to get the reversal done. After that, select option 5 for e-wallet reversal and choose the transaction that you want to reverse. 

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How To Increase E-Wallet Limit in FNB App?

The FNB e-wallet comes with a definite set limit for the amount of transfer or payment. However, this limit can be easily modified and increased from the FNB App with particular steps.

STEP 1- First, log in to your FNB app and click on the menu at the top left corner of the screen.

STEP 2- After that, tap on the Settings option and then the “Daily Limits” option. A given maximum limit l be shown on the screen upon which you need to change the daily limit by keeping the amount in mind.

STEP 3- After entering the amount, tap on the Next option and check the settings by inserting the card number associated with the bank account to check the alterations. 

How Much Does It Cost to Reverse FNB E-Wallet Transfer?

Like most other platforms, FNB charges a service fee to reverse a transfer or the cancellation. However, irrespective of the amount cancelled, FNB charges R50 as the charge in the cancellation of a single transaction. 

How To Send E-Wallet Without FNB App?

The FNB has made it possible for its users to send e-wallet without having the FNB app with the collaboration of PEP. The e-wallet can be circulated all over South Africa with almost any user with a registered phone number. 

Can You Reverse E-Wallet on FNB App? 

If you send an e-wallet to the wrong recipient, you can quickly reverse the transaction by following specific tips and ways to get your cancellation done. The app will charge a minimum amount as the cancellation fee upon which your transaction will be canceled and reversed. 

The FNB E-Wallet system is a reliable way to transfer money across South Africa and is being widely used. Moreover, if something goes wrong with the transaction, the reverse process can be done quickly too. 

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