How to Pay HSBC credit card Bill Payment or Login to Account?

HSBC is one of the best banks for credit cards and brings wonderful offers to their credit card customers. HSBC has different credit card models for different countries and in India, there are four different types of credit cards that they have to offer.

  • Premier Mastercard Credit Card
  • Smart Value Credit Card
  • Cashback Credit Card
  • Visa Platinum Credit Card

Each of their credit cards meets a certain need within that population. Each of the countries has its different needs and thus their credit cards offer different kinds of services and rewards. Credit cards from HSBC issued for Indian customers are therefore different from their Chinese counterparts as opposed to their US counterparts. HSBC believes no two countries and their people’s needs are the same and thus they design credit cards to meet the needs of everyday people of the country.

If you want to have an eye on their fees and payments, you can follow this table.

Essential FeaturesHSBC credit card  
Late Payment Fee100% of the Minimum Payment Due
Returned Payment FeeNA
Interest & Purchase APR29.88% per annum
Cash Advance APR2.5%
Grace Period48 days
Balance Transfer APR1% to 1.2% per month

How to activate HSBC credit card?

To activate the HSBC credit card, here are the steps you must follow.

Step 1- Visit this link here to start the activation process for your credit card.

HSBC credit card activation

Step 2- Fill in your 16-digit HSBC credit card number, social security number end four digits, 3-digit CVV, and expiration date. Complete the captcha and then click on the Activate tab to complete the activation process online.

How to login to HSBC credit card Account?

Step 1- Click on the below link to begin the login process

Step 2-Add your username and password and click on the Login tab.

Step 3- For security reasons, only if HSBC recognizes your customer username will they allow you to move to the next screen to allow entering your password.

Login HSBC

If you are not registered, you can click on the not registered option to complete the registration process to create a login ID and password.

Step 1- There is a long list of the identity verification process and once you click on the checkboxes, you can move to the next screen to begin your registration process.

Terms HSBC credit card online

Step 2- The first step in the registration process is the verification of your identity.

Login process HSBC credit card

Step 3- Once you fill-up the account number and SSN, you will have to move to the next screen to create your login information along with selecting security questions, security device, and the final confirmation step.

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Step 4- After you have finished all the steps you will have a login ID and password to enter your account anytime.

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How to Pay HSBC Credit card Bill Payment?

To pay your HSBC credit card bill, you must complete the following three steps.

Step 1- Add your credit card details including your 16-digit credit card number and bank account details from which you want to get your amount deducted.

Step 2- Next, you will be taken to the interface of the bank you choose.

Step 3- Add your net banking details for authentication (net banking password and user ID) and confirm the payment amount. You will have a debit done instantly from your account.

Step 4- Once you have made your payment, you will receive an online confirmation on the same.

Step 5- Apart from online payment, you can also pay your bill in the following ways:

  1. HSBC mobile banking
  2. Visa money transfer
  4. Phone banking
  6. HSBC Branch
  7. UPI
  8. Bill Desk
  9. Standing instructions
  10. Mail cheque or draft

How to Redeem HSBC credit card points?

You can redeem your rewards online by logging into your account.

  • Visit the Rewards catalog page and select the category for which you wish to redeem your rewards.
  • Add the quantity you want to procure and then add your choices to the cart by choosing the Add to Cart option.
  • Press on the View Cart option and then from there, press the Redeem Now option.
  • Add your details for your points to get converted into your rewards.
  • Once your amount is redeemed, complete the transaction by doing a checkout for your account.

You can also redeem your points by mailing them or by calling your country’s respective HSBC customer care.

In India, you can also redeem your rewards from Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines, and British Airways.

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Card Benefits

Credit card benefits would include the following;

  1. Savings are possible on fuel and every other item that you buy using your credit card through fuel surcharge waivers.
  2. They have no joining fee amount
  3. There is a 1.5% cashback on all online offers and 1% on other items without any cap.
  4. A loan facility is available on the credit card and also points for those who want to avail of their benefits.

Customer Service Number

There are several customer care numbers for different countries and regions. If you want to call their customer care number, you can call them at 1-860-266-2667.


Credit card benefits and much more are covered with these credit cards. You can use this article to know more about the login and payment processes.

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