IFundWomen Grant Application 2024 – Here is Complete Guide

Grants are money made available to people free of any additional debts. The iFund Women Grant is the biggest available funding program and rewards women and their businesses. The story of extraordinary women entrepreneurs who have established profit-driven, meaningful and impactful businesses are the ones who are given this funding.

What is IFundWomen Grant?

iFund women is an organization that helps women with ideas start their journey, helps them get funding and coaching, and also helps them establish proper connections.

Through their site, you can also hire freelancers and also fund startups. Through their site, you can also begin the process of crowdfunding, a debt-free way to raise funds.

Teaming up with them, you can gain in a big way and while you can choose your services with them, you can also apply for their grants if you are based in any one of their states.

Who is Eligible for IFundWomen Grant?

You will be eligible for the IFundWomen Grant if you fulfill the following conditions;

  1. The applicants must also participate in different activities as agreed upon by the recipients.
  2. They must maintain their behavior according to the applicable laws in hand.
  3. The winner of the grant cannot transfer the fund amount to anybody else.
  4. For LLC and C-Corp, you will receive the equity investment benefit.
  5. One will be included if one enters the judging and program criteria.
  6. The contest will not happen in Guam, PR, and federally restricted regions.

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What are application requirements?

These are the following application requirements for the IFundWomen 2024 Grant application.

  1. You must be a legal citizen of the 50 states of the United States.
  2. The entrant must be 18 years old in all 48 states and 19 years old in Nebraska and Alabama and 32 in Mississippi.
  3. The business owner must be based in any of the 50 US states.
  4. The business must be established on or before 21st March 2021.
  5. They have to own a business category as per the IFWEOY22 application.
  6. A pitch competition organized on or before 16th November is the determining factor in deciding the final recipients of the grant.
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IFundWomen Grant Application Online Process

To apply for the IFundWomen, click on the link to start your application.

  • Start by adding your email address in the given space.
iFund Women
  • Write if you have a proper written, comprehensive business plan for yourself.
iFundWomen online apply
  • The next question is more about your feeling confident about pitching your business to the right investors.
iFund Women application
  • Add if your business has a social presence like a social handle, website, or email list.
Apply online for the fund
  • Talk about the part where every business is expected to affirm like letting others know if there is any revenue or sale through your products and services.
iFund apply
  • Answer if your business has any investment capital or funding for itself.
Capital investment apply
  • Click on the Submit tab once you are done filling up the iFund application process.

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FAQs (Frequently answered questions)

Is IFundWomen Grant Legit?

IFundWomen of color grant is an absolutely legitimate grant that one can get if they want to, by applying for it.

How much is IFundWomen grant?

IFundWomen of color grant is of an amount that is $1000 or more. Usually, it is the biggest network in the United States wherein people can apply for the grant.


IFundWomen of color grant is one of the best grants for beginners in the business. There is some money about which you need not worry much as you do not have to return it to anyone. All you have to do is find out more about the best ways of running your business from their sites and building a community with them.

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