INEC Adhoc staff Recruitment application & Portal Login

Recruitment of applicants is a complicated job and several portals have been constructed worldwide for dealing with this issue. When recruiting ad hoc staff, the job becomes more challenging. Thus, everywhere like in the Nigerian Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) a separate portal is designated for recruiting ad-hoc staff.

Ad hoc staffs include positions like supervisory, primary, and assistant presiding officers, registration area technicians, and area center managers.

The portal for application opened yesterday, 14th September 2022 at 08:00 am and will close on 14th December at 08:00 pm.

INEC Adhoc staff recruitment 2023 application

To apply for INEC, you need to find out more about its eligibility and application requirements. If you fulfill their requirements, you can go ahead and create an account for their online application process. But if you are not too keen on using their online application process, you can download the form and fill it out manually. After completing it, send the application to the email ID: ([email protected]) the application form along with all other details, or click on the online Apply Now tab.

  1. Click on the INEC site to start the application process.
  2. Press on the how to apply tab and then create a profile for yourself by adding essential information in the given segment.
  3. Add the position for which you wish to apply for and also include the reason why you want to apply. Next, add your email ID in the given segment and then press on submit the form tab.
  4. Create your password, and then fill out the application form, you must also add a passport-size photograph.
  5. Fill in the details of your referees and add the referrals.
  6. Check ahead with the attestation form and then apply. Print the acknowledgment once you receive it in your mail.

What are the Application Requirements?

For those who wish to register themselves, here are the requirements they need to fulfill for INEC Adhoc staff.

  1. A valid email address is a must along with a functional phone number.
  2. You must also have a personal bank account number.
  3. A white background passport photograph that is not more than 5 MB in size.
  4. Include the contact details of two referrers and that can be an email address or a phone number.
  5. A valid student ID number is displayed on a valid ID card.
  6. If you were a former corps member or a current member of NYSC you must add their call-up number.
  7. Include a PDF format of your highest qualification details.
  8. An identification card details in either jpg or jpeg format must also be added to the application form.
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INEC Adhoc Staff Eligibility

The INEC Adhoc staff eligibility program will include eligibility as given below.

Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO)Registration Area Center (RAC) ManagerThe Presiding officer (PO) / Assistant Presiding officer (APO)Registration Area Technical Support (RATECH)
You must be either a public servant or a civil servant within Grade 10 to 14.The applicant needs to be either the school head or staff (GL 07 or above) of a school/organization or any building that hosts the RAC.The applicant must be a serving corps memberAnyone who is an INEC staff.
The applicant can also be a registration area officer/INEC staff not engaged in any other duties. (Grade 10-14) MDA staff having an OND qualificationThose who serve as CORPS members in the Nigerian Commission
  A former corps member can also apply 
  Any student with IT knowledge who is a penultimate student of Federal or state tertiary organizations in Nigeria. 

How to do the INEC recruitment portal login?

If you are a new applicant, you will need to register in their portal. To do the INEC recruitment login, you will need to follow the below steps.

  1. To create your profile if you are a newcomer, you will have to visit the registration page on the INEC website and then move through the different steps.
  2. Name the position you are applying for from the dropdown.
  3. Choose a reason for being considered as an eligible candidate.
  4. Include your email address and then you must re-enter your email address.
  5. Include the verification code as written in the captcha section and then click on the Submit tab to complete the application.
INEC application

How to Download application form?

If you want to fill out the form manually, you will need to download the application form. Once you have downloaded it, take a printout of it and then fill out the application manually. Scan the application form and send it to the email address given here: [email protected]

Here’s a screenshot of the application form. In the first section, you will have to fill in the following information.

Organization name, address, coordinator details with signature, and organization type must be included.

In the next segment, you will have to fill in the rest of the information. Add your address, and also other miscellaneous details that the form asks.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to register for INEC Adhoc staff?

Registration is required for becoming an INEC Adhoc staff. First-time candidates will have to register themselves in the way given. If you wish to find out more, read the article where we describe the registration process for INEC Adhoc staff.

How much is INEC Adhoc staff paid?

A total of N30, 500 is being paid for the elections. However, they will be paid a lump sum during the training too.

  • Training allowance: N 4500 including N1000
  • Deployment honorarium N 9000
  • For Presidential elections, you get N17500.


To conclude if we have to check on their benefits, conducting elections will provide them with an amount that can only be helpful for you. You will also get an experience that will help you when you conduct the elections next time. Read about the application process if you are interested in earning some money out of it.

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