IRS Stimulus Check Application For Non Filers [Complete Guide]

IRS stimulus Check Application

After the third round of economic impact payments was distributed, IRS is trying to remind people of IRS claims. The third round of stimulus payments of the 2021 income tax return was given back as a 2021 recovery rebate credit. It is calling upon people to collect their remaining recovery rebate credit.

From 31st December 2021 onwards IRS claims to have distributed $175 million towards the third round of payments. Although most of the third round payments were made by spring or early summer of 2021, the remaining people were allowed to claim and get back the third round till February of this year.

As per the Federal law, IRS is no longer going to issue any of the first, second, and third Economic Impact Payments. However, even to date, they have kept open the Recovery Rebate credit claims for those who have received less than the complete amount or have missed a stimulus payment due to unavoidable circumstances.

You can claim the rebate by filing 2020 1040 or 1040-SR free. If you missed your second stimulus and filed your application by mail as of 21st November 2020, you might still be contacted by IRS for your payments.

IRS Stimulus Check Application For Non Filers

Even though IRS is no longer paying any stimulus checks, yet to keep abreast with the IRS stimulus check application process, you can read this article section.

Those people who haven’t filed their taxes are mostly the ones covered under special government programs like the Social security benefit programs whereby an individual is not required to file taxes.

Under such circumstances, there is a high chance that non-filers have not received the money paid through the previous two stimulus checks for which they were eligible. But even now these people have a chance to claim their money. By filing their taxes before the 15th April deadline.

If users have not filed taxes for quite some time, they might be finding it difficult to do it. But off late, the government is trying to simplify the process.

Recovery Rebate Claims

With the Recovery Rebate tool in place, users can recover or claim the missing stimulus money. Most people who were eligible for the second stimulus payments will eligible even for the third.

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In some situations, it is being observed that the second stimulus check is missing from the platform for some individuals. Issues that have led to a missing second stimulus check includes individuals who are child dependents, direct deposits, change in home address, or an accidental garnishment.

File the returns this year by filling up Form 1040 or 1040SR, to immediately become eligible for receiving the Recovery Rebate Credit. Additionally, one can save Notice 1444 for their Economic Impact Payment alongwith the 2020 tax records. 

The IRS opened up the filing process on February 12th. And can filings for federal tax returns are open till 15th April 2021. 

Here’s how users can fill in their details.

  • They are eligible to use the IRS free file tool if their earnings are less than $72000 in a year.
  • Go to the Free File site, and choose the IRS Free File offer.
  • From the available options choose any (TurboTax or TaxSlayer) to learn how they can file their returns.
  • With the instructions provided fill in Credit Form 1040 or Form 1040-SR completely free of cost.
  • The stimulus check deadline usually depends on the mode of payment dispatch. And is 21 days if dispatched through direct deposit provisions.

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How to check IRS stimulus cheque application status?

You will no longer see your IRS stimulus check application status as it is no longer getting distributed. Instead, you can move to the Rebate Recovery Claims site to claim left out payments.

Yet, the process to check your application stats in the IRS portal has not changed. To confirm the application status for the cheque, go to the “Get my payment” portal. Check the IRS stimulus checks application online status using the below-mentioned details.

– Enter the date of birth, social security number and street address.

The portal would let you know;

  • If they send you the stimulus check already
  • If you already have the first payment
  • The mode of payment- through mail or direct deposit. 


If you want to file for IRS stimulus now, you cannot do so. IRS has already released all the three checks. But, those who have got less or did not get one stimulus payment can request recovery rebate claims even now. Read this article to find out more about the 2022 updates.

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