J Crew credit card login & Pay Bill Payment Online/Offline

To log in to the J Crew credit card account, and to make a payment online you need to follow these simple steps.

How to do J Crew credit card login?

STEP 1- To do a J Crew credit online account, you need to click on this link.

J. Crew credit card login

STEP 2- Add your username and password and click on the Sign-in tab.

STEP 3- If you are new to this platform, you must click on the Register Now option.

login J. Crew credit card

STEP 4- Add the credit card account number, ZIP code, Identification Type, and end digits of the SSN in the space provided must be added.

STEP 5- You can choose from the social security number, social insurance number, or alternate identification number and select anyone as the identification type.

STEP 6- After adding the details, click on the Find My Account tab.

STEP 7- You must have already had an account with J. Crew, if you don’t have one, you can make one since this online facility will not operate if you have not made a physical account with them.

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How to Pay J Crew Credit card Bill?

To pay for the J Crew credit card bill, you can try any one of the below processes.

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1. Through the Comenity Bank platform

  • For J. Crew credit card login, you need to use your username and password.
  • Add an amount, and choose a payment date for making the payments.
  • Choose a certain bank account number, and the routing number to make for online payments.
  • But you must also go to the checking account segment, wherein you must add your check-in account information.
  • Set up auto payments by choosing a payment date and a standard sum will be deducted from your account every month.

2. Try the Easy Pay option

  • Add your credit card account number
  • Include your ZIP code or postal code
  • Choose the identification type for documents
  • End four digits of the SSN

Payment Phone number

The phone number is 800 562 0258 that’s operational from 07:00 am to 11:59 pm EDT.

Mailing address

The mailing address for J. Crew is P.O. Box 659704, San Antonio, TX 78265-9704.

Customer Service Number

The customer service number for J. Crew is 1-888-428-8810 and operates from Monday until Saturday from 08:00 am to 09:00 pm EDT.

Can you pay J Crew credit card in-store?

The best part is, with a J Crew credit card, you can make in-store credit payments either through cash or with a check.


Here’s a bit about payment-making details and the login process for J. Crew. While registering with them, if you are stuck somewhere, read this blog to clarify your doubts.

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