Jumpstart MR Price Application Online (Complete Guide)

All That You Need To Know About JumpStart MR Price Programme?

Are you looking for a place to start your professional career? Do you feel that your calling is in the retail sector? If you believe that you can handle the thrill of handling a retail store by yourself along with overcoming the difficulties, then you should seriously consider it. It is not a problem if you couldn’t study a lot due to personal circumstances. There’s an enjoyable job waiting for you in retail.

All you need is the right attitude and a thirst to work better. The rest will be taken care of by the MR Price Foundation. For unemployed South African youth, MR Price Foundation has come up with a training program that will make them fit to be employed in retail stores.

Let’s delve deep and have a further look into this.

What Is Jumpstart MR Price Application?

Jumpstart MR Price Application

MR Price foundation is an organization that has currently undertaken the task of equipping the unemployed youth of South Africa with skills to be able to get employed in retail stores under its flagship program named, Jumpstart. You can apply to this free-of-cost program if you are eligible for it.

How To Apply For Online Application form?

Step 1: Visit the official site of MR Price Foundation.

Step 2: Apply for the JumpStart Retail Frontline Programme.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a page about the program and some FAQs. Below that, you will find the option to apply. Click on that.

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Step 4: Register yourself on the site. It will ask for your details. Fill in the details carefully. Upload your matriculation certificate copy and a copy of your ID.

Step 5: After registration, you can log in to the portal for further required procedures.


The following are the requirements for Price JumpStart Application a candidate must fulfill to be enrolled in the program:

  1. You should have at least passed till matriculation.
  2. You should be between 18-33 years of age.
  3. You should be a South African Citizen.
  4. You should be currently unemployed.
  5. You should have a clean criminal record.

JumpStart Jobs MR Price

JumpStart is only a program that equips the enrolees with the required skill set for employment in retail. It doesn’t provide any employment, nor does it advertise jobs for the MR Price group.

Is MR Price JumpStart Application Form Available?

It is available throughout the year. You just have to visit its official site and apply for it online. In that way, the application process gets very fast and convenient for you. However, if you don’t get any calls, it means the demand for retail employees is less in your area.

MR Price Foundation provides training based on the availability of retail positions in your area. As soon as new job openings come in your area, MR Price Foundation will give you a call regarding the program.

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