Kelley’s Honors Application – Program Guide

What is Kelley Honors application?

For those who dream of taking up a course that can catapult their career graph plummeting to the sky, it is essential to understand more about how you can do it.

If you want to grow in business, learning from the biggest business innovators will add to your portfolio immensely.  This can be achieved with Kelley Business School’s selective Honors program.

The program promises to help students meet the biggest business leaders from across the globe, and also helps you study with a smaller number of students while building an esteemed network of peers and professionals.

For the admissions process, Kelley would promote four key values.

  • Commitment to making progress and a difference in our community is essential.
  • You need to be an independent thinker with self-motivation, original ideas, and all such ideologies running together.
  • One needs to be intellectually curious about everything.
  • Critical thinking is also a unique perspective that must be present in an individual.

Are you Eligible?

The Kelley Honors application will include the following eligibility conditions.

  • A minimum GPA of 3.5 is required to qualify for the Kelly Honors application.
  • Anyone taking it up will need a minimum of a 3.3 GPA for honors courses.
  • Those students who want to apply must complete 24 credit hours (18 hours of credit for the necessary Kelley courses and 6 hours for honors electives).
  • A senior portfolio needs to be completed by fall or later.
  • You have to apply for or be admitted to the Kelley School of Business, Indianapolis. List out your business major.
  • The honors application via Canvas has to be completed.
  • An essay on any current topic or issue in the community and a digital story or video is required for the Kelley Honors program.
  • If you have an IUPUI Honors College scholarship, your admission to the Kelley Honors program will be automated.

Kelley Honors Application Requirements

Requirements are not many, but those that exist must be fulfilled for those who want to take the Kelley Honors program.

  • A SAT score of 1370 is a must, including math, basic reading, and writing. If you take the TOEFL, you must have a score of 1324 and an ACT score of 1210.
  • Your high school GPA must be 3.8 or higher to apply to Kelley Honors.
  • An enrollment deposit of $100 is necessary.
  • Official academic transcripts are a necessity.
  • Two short essays, primarily on an already determined topic, are essential to taking admissions.
  • A resume completely updated with educational qualifications and professional experience is also the need of the hour.
  • The letter of intent, or SOP, is also a must.
  • Financial proofs and affidavits must be submitted.
  • A teacher’s or counselor’s recommendation from Bloomington’s faculty members is also essential.
  • Work and leadership experience Proof must be attached.
  • Community service related work must also be done.
  • A computational skills course like BUS-K201, BUS-K303, and others, as well as a communication skills course like BUS-CIO4, BUS-L201, and so on, are also essential to take for getting an evaluation of your work done.
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How to apply for Kelley’s Honors program?

To apply for Kelley’s honors program, you must go through the below points.

  1. Click on the Apply Now tab to reach the login page, where you must enter your credentials to login.
  2. Once you login to the account, you need to search for the application and enter all the essential details in it.
  3. Personal information, educational details, monetary essentials, and other related fields need to be filled out completely.
  4. Press on the “Submit” tab, and once done, you can wait for the next step of the application process.
  5. Evaluation will be done with consideration of the following segments:
  • Transcript review
  • Short essays
  • Recommendation letters
  • Resume
  • Computational and communicational skills courses
  • Leadership evaluation outside the classroom
  • Online interview

Once you successfully complete these steps, you can get your acceptance letter by mid-July.

Kelley Honors acceptance rate

The acceptance rate is low, and the competition is cutthroat. If you wish to apply, you must prepare well in advance, as they take only 25% of the applicants while rejecting 75% of them in the process.

Kelley application deadline

The Kelley application deadline was March 1, and late applications are not entertained. You must submit your application by 5:00 p.m. on March 1.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Kelley require work experience?

Typically, Kelley will not need any work experience, but it is rare that students can get admission without it. Normally, any undergraduate program at Kelley would need to show two years of work experience.

Does Kelley accept transfer students?

Kelley does not accept transfer students, but if students have already taken admission in an MBA program somewhere else, they can also apply to Kelley. But, if they get admissions, they will need to complete Kelley’s two-year course.

Does it matter which deadline a student chooses?

No, it does not matter which deadline one chooses, as there are four deadlines. It is generally advised that one must choose only that deadline by which their application is the strongest.


If you wish to join Kelley’s Honors program, we can tell you your requirements and eligibility needs. Once you can manage all that is necessary for the program, you will then be able to fill out the application form. After completing and submitting the application form, it is imperative that you wait unless you hear back from them regarding an online interview.

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