Late Late Toy Show Application [Quick Guide]

It is one of Ireland’s best shows where elves find a way to communicate with the audience through the kids who are all good at something or the other. The show begins at the end of November as always and those who want to participate can start the application process as soon as they read this article. The applications are due only until the 27th of September and there will be roughly three months’ time when the host of the show, Ryan Tubridy will travel entire Ireland to meet the kids who have applied for the show. The show will air on 2nd December 2022 and that will mark the 14th show hosted by Tubridy.

Who is Eligible for Late Late Toy Show?

Eligibility for the Toy show will mean fulfilling the following criteria.

  1. Only children are allowed to participate in the show. The minimum age for participation is four years for children who wish to join.
  2. Children from Ireland can only apply for the Late Late Show.

What are Application Requirements

You will need a video to prove the talent you have. You can do anything you want from singing, dancing, and vanishing stuff to magic or even the art of ventriloquism. Just record your skill in a video, fill out the form and send it ahead.

Late Late Toy show application Online Process

The video is not enough; you will also need to fill in the application form available on the website.

  • Add the name of the parent/guardian/teacher.
  • Include your contact number (mobile or home telephone number)
  • The email address must also be inked in.
  • Mention in the application if you are up for a toy demonstration or a performance
  • Depending on the choice you make your child’s age, Christmas wishes and some other information will also become necessary in the process.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions before clicking on the submit application tab.
  • Alongwith it you will need to create a video of yours while performing the best skills you are willing to showcase for the program.
  • Put your video in a USB or DVD key and send it to the following address: The Late Late Toy Show Auditions, PO Box 170, RTÉ, Dublin 4.
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Late Late Toy show application

Late Late Toy Show Benefits

Benefits for the kids will include DJing in front of 5000 people appearing as the audience. You also get to carry toys home with you for your Christmas.

The money raised each year from the show is put to good use. The last collection was €6.6 million and that was put to make the lives of children better. The money is used to support the registered charity and community groups across the entire island of Ireland. Many children, who need the right care, support and encouragement and the money can fund it all.

Grants were asked under the three pillars for four purposes:

  1. For meeting the essential needs of the individuals
  2. Enhancing the overall wellbeing including that of medical care and hospitals
  3. Mental health and grief counselling support amount
  4. Creativity and fun play

A whopping €300,000 will be given as grants by the Toy Show appeal by RTC in collaboration with Ireland’s community foundation.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Late Late Toy show application process?

The application process involves filling up the application form and also creating a video wherein each child manifests the art they are good at. These two essential parts of the application process when come together will help in the creation of a wholesome application for a child.

Once the audition tapes are received by the teams the team will tour all around Ireland to meet all of these little stars. After their audition round, the final decision about them will be made and a bunch of them will be chosen from the ones who applied.

How long does application process takes?

The application will remain open for roughly a month post which the tours will be done and so will the auditions. Post the selection process the children are invited to the show around Christmas. The time duration is roughly six months for the entire process.


Those starry-eyed children who always fantasize to be a part of the Show are again getting a chance to participate in them. If your child is one of those growing comedians, singers, dancers, and with other special skills like vanishing stuff in thin air Late Late Toy Show is then for them. Do not miss this opportunity, so move ahead to make your child’s fantasy come true.

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