Are Parent Plus Loans Federal or Private?

Are Parent Plus loans federal or Private

Parent PLUS loans are taken by parents to assist their offspring in their studies. The loan cannot be taken by a legal guardian or grandparents unless they have lawfully adopted the child. The loan is for all those candidates who want to pursue theirs under graduation. The Parent PLUS loan is a federal loan. There … Read more

Are Parent Plus Loans Eligible for PSLF?

Are Parent Plus Loans Eligible for PSLF

Parent PLUS loans are loans that a parent takes for undergraduate students so that they can pay the expenses of their studies. These loans are preferred more as they have easy and flexible repayments. In case of any delay or non-payment, the legal guardian or the parent is responsible for it. If the child/students say … Read more

Uniform Residential Loan Application – [Complete Details]

uniform residential loan application

The Uniform Residential loan application or Form 1003, alternately known as the Fannie Mae form is a mortgage form primarily. Anyone interested in taking up a mortgage loan has to fill out this form. This form is the beginning of a mortgage process between a lender and a borrower. There are many lenders who, however, … Read more

Sallie Mae Loan Forgiveness Application Guide

Sallie Mae Loan Forgiveness

Ever since the public trading US Corporation, Sallie Mae came into existence, they have been dealing with education loans. Initially, in the beginning, Sallie Mae was working for the Federal government initializing and dispatching their education loans to students who sought them. Later, its status changed as it became a private service entity and now … Read more

Agsmeis loan application Portal Scheme Online form

What is the Agsmeis loan application scheme

What is the Agsmeis loan application scheme? It is the loan initiative from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) at a 9% per annum rate. It does not require collateral and the interest rate is 5% per annum. You will need to submit appropriate documents to ensure your application is accepted. Download Agsmeis loan application … Read more

PPP Loan Forgiveness Wells Fargo Online Application

wells fargo ppp loan online application

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) aids small business groups in repaying their loans as per the US Small Business Administration (SBA). It is an essential step and many businesses need that help. The PPP term is usually for a 2 or 5-year span and will have a mention in the promissory note. To convert your … Read more

Community Affordable Loan Solution Application Process Guide

Community affordable loan solution application

Underserved communities are frequently the ones who struggle to obtain funds for meeting their basic needs and daily living. But with the advent of the special purpose credit program, billions of dollars are being invested by a lot of financial organizations to meet the needs of the needy. The special purpose credit programme is under … Read more

Social Fund Loan Application Process Guide (Are you Eligibile)

social fund loan application

Sudden emergencies can arise at any time in a person’s life. To mitigate them, the UK government can help you find better loan options. If you have a situation right now, and you are reading this, ensure you read it carefully to understand how you can seek help in times of need. What is Social … Read more

Does Student Loan Forgiveness include Parent PLUS Loans?

student loan forgiveness include Parent PLUS loans

Parent PLUS loan is taken generally by the parents so that they can meet up the expenses of their undergraduate child. The responsibility of this loan is to the parents or legal guardians. The plan that was waited for quite a long time is announced by Joe Biden finally. With the announcements, approximately 40 million … Read more

NMFB household Loan Application form & Check Status

NMFB household loan application form online

The Central Bank of Nigeria has brought out a stimulus scheme for all those small, medium, and micro working units which have got badly hit by the pandemic. A fund package of 50 billion Naira is being granted by the government to control the pandemic situation. What is an NMFB household loan application? Households who … Read more