Louisiana nonprofit and small business assistance program

What is esweb.revenue.louisiana small business application?

Louisiana nonprofit and small business is a program that is financially helping the small business to provide them with aid to cope up with the covid situation and the loss that the global pandemic has created.

The fund is being provided to small businesses and non-profits only and there is a heavy eligibility criterion that one must fulfill to get this aid and the facilities that are connected with this aid. The application to this is called the esweb.revenue.louisiana small business application.

Steps for louisiana nonprofit and small business assistance program Registration?

The steps that are mentioned below is the way by which you will get yourself registered:-

Louisiana nonprofit and small business grant application
  • Go to the LDR website
  • Play the small quiz there
  • Give all the details and register yourself
  • Login into the website again with the credentials there
  • Fill the form available there
  • Submit

Like this one can register for the louisiana nonprofit and small business assistance program and further fill the form.

How to get a small business grant in Louisiana?

To get the small business grant in Louisiana one needs to first fulfill the basic eligibility criteria and then the next step is to fill the form. The formal steps are to visit their website and read all the details and then apply for it from the form that is available there.

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One can easily get the application form online and from there you can apply. If you meet all the criteria then filling the form and submitting it will lead you to apply for the grant.

Next, if the grant gets approved one will surely get it for their small business.

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Application Form Requirements

There are certain requirements for the form which is given on their official platforms. The business needs to meet their requirements otherwise the form will not get filled. The form settings are such that one can’t fill it if they are not meeting the criteria.


  • Comply with applicable federal and Louisiana tax laws for tax years 2019 and 2020
  • Not direct lobby with the federal or state officials
  • Enter into a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with the Louisiana Department of Revenue to ensure funds are properly expended
  • Businesses must have 50 or fewer full-time employees

How to Check Louisiana Grant Status?

After you have submitted the grant application you will get a unique if or code with which the status can be checked from the official website of the LDR.

How to esweb.revenue.louisiana grant login?

As you go to the official website of the esweb.revenue.louisiana grant first thing that you should do is register there and after the registration process is completed one can surely login again with the credentials provided there. The login process is very simple and if one forgets the credentials then also there is an option to forget the password to get it back.

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