Love is Blind Application – Are you Eligible to Get in?

The Netflix series gained prominence since it was first aired in 2020. The “Love is Blind ” Application is for those who are genuinely interested in finding love for themselves. The programs in each of their seasons choose 30 contestants who appear from different backgrounds and professions.

It topped the list of most-watched shows in the year 2020 and if you want to enroll, you might have to wait for the next updates. Season 3 is already shot and those who want to participate will go into their next season.

To join in, interested candidates need to fill up an application form. In the application, people need to mention almost everything about themselves. Applying for the show would take time as you will need to mention details like your relationship history, what will marriage mean for you, and how your friends and family define you.

How to Apply for Love Is Blind application?

To apply for the Love Is Blind application, you will need to follow the following steps.

Step 1- Visit the netflix website to start the Love Is Blind application process.

Step 2- Submit your 1-minute video to them by clicking on the link.

Love is blind apply

Step 3- In the next segment, you will need to choose the show for which you wish to submit your video.

Love is blind online

Step 4- Click on the series you want to submit your video to, and then scroll down to click on the Next tab.

Requirements Love is Blind

Step 5- Begin with the personal information and enter your email address.

Personal information Love is Blind

Step 6- Add all other details to complete your application form. It would mostly be your personal information and also a bit about your professional skills and qualifications.

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Step 7- Once done, press on the Submit tab to complete the application process and you will need to attach your age proof also.

Love Is Blind Application Requirements

You will need to meet their requirements like;

  • An applicant must be 21 years and above as that is the legal drinking age for individuals in the US.
  • While participating, you must inform them about your relationship status and your sexual preferences.
  • You require to devote three weeks of your time and thus, should be able to take three weeks off from work and other commitments.

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Who is Eligible?

To be eligible, fulfill the below criteria;

  • You will need to be a citizen of either the US, Canada, UK, or Ireland.
  • One needs to communicate via pods before selecting one of them through the process of speed dating.

After choosing one, they will only then be allowed to propose.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How legit is love is blind?

Since it goes on air, it is a completely legitimate show.

Do Love Is Blind contestants stay together?

It depends on whether the contestants gel well together.

How much is admission for Love Is Blind?

The show and the couples both pay for the wedding and the production supplies some of the basics.

At least there are no confirmed reports so far for it and people are not sure if they are asked to pay at all.


To conclude, if you believe you can find your love in the show, you can fill in their online application form. Speed dating is the talk of this show and if you want to experience it, do get into the show and get married.

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